Announcing a theme for 2015: “The Art of Peace”

The Introduction of “Themes”:

“Choosing from so many splendid human beings in so many areas is daunting.  This year we are trialing a themed approach for the 2015 award,” the Sydney Peace Foundation’s Director Jane Singleton AO explains.

The theme for 2015: “The Art of Peace”dove+1

Sun Tzu’s ancient Chinese military treatise “The Art of War”has been a manual for war makers for centuries. With the centenary of The First World War upon us, stories of battles, heroism and sacrifice – all said to be in the pursuit of peace – will be the subject of much attention in coming years.

It is timely to draw attention away from battlefield and focus our minds on the role that the arts – including music, theatre, painting, film, poetry and literature – has played and can continue to play in advancing the cause of peace. Hence our theme for 2015: “The Art of Peace”.

The field may be narrower but it will be focused and highlight a particular way of expressing and advocating for peace whether it be in music or art.  Art has been enormously important – whether it be Picasso’s Dove of Peace, an image imprinted on our consciousness; Sibelius’ Finlandia, his Song of Peace; or John Lennon’s Imagine,” says Singleton.

We are calling for the nomination of creative people or organisations that meet the criteria for the Prize.

Criteria for Selection

The Sydney Peace Prize is awarded to an organization or an individual whose life and work has demonstrated:

  • Significant contributions to the achievement of peace with justice, including steps to eradicate poverty, racial or sexual discrimination, or environmental destruction (conditions often labelled as “structural violence”);
  • A commitment to the promotion and attainment of human rights; and
  • An illustration of the philosophy, language and practice of nonviolence.

Submit a Nomination

To submit a nomination please send a letter or email with the name and contact details of your nominee, an explanation as to merit of the nomination against the criteria for selection (approximately 200 words), together with as much relevant supporting material as possible.

For more information on the selection process, or for a nomination form to assist with this process, please visit:

Email submissions to:

Post submissions to:

Sydney Peace Foundation
Mackie Building K01
University of Sydney NSW 2006.

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