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EMPIRE in Enmore

For the music lover and theatre enthusiast alike, the Kinetic Energy Theatre Company’s coming season of EMPIRE offers an engaging night out. Hot off the creative drawing board, this latest and updated generation of our acclaimed play will hit the stage when Bradley Manning’s court martial will be in full swing: July 10-13 (at St […]

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Brave and Principled Ecuador

The Sydney Peace Foundation thanks the government of Ecuador for giving asylum to Julian Assange.   Professor Stuart Rees, chair of the Foundation says, ‘ Ecuador understands the nature of justice, but it seems that in failing to give assurances about Assange’s safety,the  governments of the the UK, Sweden and the USA only draw on […]

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How Julian Assange is putting the Australian Government’s character to the test

Being forced to take extraordinary measures by seeking political asylum in Ecuador shows just what a desperate situation Julian Assange has found himself in. Faced with the very real prospect of extradition to the US, once he fronts up in Sweden, Asssange is justifiably worried for his safety as he enters the black hole of […]

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Julian Assange: the freedom of free speech

By Professor Stuart Rees: There are a few days left to appeal the British High Court’s five to two ruling that Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden to be interviewed about alleged sexual assault. Regarding that appeal, almost all the commentary since the Court announced its decision has revolved around legal nit picking on […]

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