Awarding Australia’s international prize for peace

1c789c8e-539f-41f7-a800-4e979a79ebc5“Conversations in Peace” – be inspired by the world’s leading voices on peace, justice and nonviolence

This volume includes the groundbreaking Lectures of the first 14 recipients of the Sydney Peace Prize (1998-2011), including Nobel Laureates Muhammad Yunus and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former leader of Amnesty International Irene Khan, the Indian novelist Arundhati Roy, environmental scientist Dr. Vandana Shiva, indigenous leader Patrick Dodson, and the inimitable academic activist Professor Noam Chomsky.

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Naomi Klein on Donald Trump’s administration: What’s really going on, and how we can resist

Naomi Klein on the Shock Doctrine and Trump’s Disaster Capitalism 2016 Sydney Peace Prize recipient Naomi Klein has written a two powerful pieces analysing the flurry of executive orders which have been trucked through by President Trump since his inauguration last month. Klein urges us to see beyond the policies to the administration’s motivation: to create […]

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Mary Robinson: “Strong moral leadership is needed to combat populist tide”

“If we are to have any hope of making any constructive progress in 2017, all responsible politicians, civil society and business leaders must stand firm and reassert our basic, common values of dignity for all.” Writing in the Financial Times as the World Economic Forum 2017 opens in Davos, 2002 Sydney Peace Prize recipient Mary […]

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11 Pieces Of Wisdom From Desmond Tutu To Inspire Change Makers In 2017

Most people begin every new year with a sense of hope and and excitement. With recent events throughout the world, I think that many of us also enter this new year with a sense of trepidation. For me personally, I am channeling any disquiet I might feel into a renewed focus on our mission at […]

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Naomi Klein on The Lessons from Standing Rock

On 4 December, 2016, 2016 Sydney Peace Prize recipient Naomi Klein was at Standing Rock in North Dakota when news broke that an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline had been denied. Naomi wrote an article to report the joy and relief felt by the courageous water protectors, and also to stress that organisations and […]

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