2011 Professor Noam Chomsky

2011 Professor Noam Chomsky

Distinguished American linguist, social scientist and human rights campaigner

Professor Noam Chomsky is often described as one of the West’s most influential intellectuals in the cause of peace, and the most significant challenger of unjust power and as an individual who is not only brilliant but heroic.

Sydney Peace Prize Citation: For inspiring the convictions of millions about a common humanity and for unfailing moral courage. For critical analysis of democracy and power, for challenging secrecy, censorship and violence and for creating hope through scholarship and activism to promote the attainment of universal human rights.

Sydney Peace Prize Lecture: Revolutionary Pacifism: Choices and Prospects

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Thursday 3rd November, Sydney Peace Prize Gala Dinner: Australia’s Father of Reconciliation and 2008 Recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize, Patrick Dodson, presented Prof Noam Chomsky with the Sydney Peace Prize at a Gala Dinner in the beautiful surrounds of the MacLaurin Hall, the University of Sydney.

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Thursday 3rd November, 10:30am Sydney Opera House: Chaired by veteran Australian broadcaster Mary Kostakidis, Prof Chomsky answered audience questions on ‘Problems of Knowledge and Freedom’- linguistics, global politics, human rights, responses to climate change, the nature of democracy.

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The award to Noam Chomsky comes at a time of violence and protest around the world. Across the Middle East brave people challenge authoritarian rule, yearn for human rights and for a state of their own. Yet instead of deliberating on how we might also foster dialogue about justice, Australia is producing an ugly state of politics. Those who express the needs of the planet and of vulnerable people are demonized by radio commentators, demeaned by powerful leaders, and even threatened in the streets.

In contrast to those developments, our choice of Noam Chomsky produces a great opportunity to promote inspiring conversations about peace with justice. At the 2011 Sydney Peace Prize events you can learn more about Noam Chomsky’s life and work. You can encourage education about that most precious goal: the enjoyment of freedoms through struggles for peace with justice, in the home, on the streets and in every facet of social and foreign policies.

Check out the 2012 Book “Peace with Justice – Noam Chomsky in Australia” Edited by Clinton Fernandes