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2015 – The Art of Peace: Call for Nominations

dove+1It’s time for an artist to win the Sydney Peace Prize.

With the centenary of the First World War upon us, stories of battles, heroism and sacrifice – all said to be in the pursuit of peace – will be the subject of much attention.

As a response, we want to leave the battlefield and focus on the role that the arts – music, theatre, painting, film, poetry and literature – have played and can continue to play in advancing the cause of peace. Hence the theme for the 2015 Sydney Peace Prize is The Art of Peace.

ThrNominate an Artist - p3ough The Art of Peace the Sydney Peace Foundation wants to recognise those in the arts world who have, in their own way, advanced the cause of peace in our time.

Whether it promotes reconciliation and understanding or protests injustice, and whether it encourages reflection on the horrors of war or the imagining of the world living as one, the arts have a unique capacity to shake up our minds and stir our souls.

Over the last 16 years the Sydney Peace Prize has been awarded to an individual whose efforts or achievements have demonstrated a commitment to the Foundation’s core principles: peace with justice, respect for human rights, and the language on non-violence. Some winners have been well known, others less. Sometimes the Jury’s choice has been controversial. But promoting peace in a world riven with conflict is rarely straightforward.

We want your help. Nominate someone for the Sydney Peace Prize!

We invite you to nominate persons in the world of art who you believe ought to be recognised for their contributions to peace. He or she may be Australian or from overseas, may be popular or up and coming, and may also be controversial!

To do so please complete the 2015 SPP Nomination Form and send this to us by post:

Sydney Peace Foundation
Mackie Building K01
University of Sydney NSW 2006

Or by email:   

More information on the nomination process here.

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