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Palestine matters, not Gillard-Rudd soapies

By Professor Stuart Rees: In the Khan Younis area of southern Gaza, the Qdeh family's modest rabbit farm is one of several Australian trade union humanitarian aid (Apheda) projects which is bolstering food security for poor families. On a Spring evening in

US must seize opportunity to support Palestinian non-violence

The United States should seize the opportunity as push for peace while Palestinians increasingly embrace non-violence. Khader Adnan spent 66 days on hunger strike, a symbolic, self-denying act of non-violent resistance to Israel's practice of "administrative detention" or imprisonment without charge.

Commemorating Australia: more than just war

The militarisation of Australian history and public memory has a seemingly unstoppable dynamic. I would even say that the conflation of national history with military history, that is, the assumption that national history is military history, is pretty much complete. Rather

Israeli Apartheid Week 2012 Special Event: Thursday 15 March

The Sydney Peace Foundation invites you to attend: Israeli Apartheid Week 2012 Israeli Apartheid and the Means of Resistance Thursday, 15 March 2012   Join the main discussion event of Israeli Apartheid Week Sydney. This is a panel discussion titled 'Israeli Apartheid and the Means of

Protest and Occupy: the promise for 2012

More patronage for pollies? To depict the individual whose activities symbolized the most significant events of 2011, Time magazine featured a protester. That protester was for democracy and against authoritarian rule throughout the Middle East. He or she was also a member

The world can’t afford to keep wasting soil

One-third of Earth's soil is degraded because of unsustainable farming methods, which could lead to a major food crisis. Salina, Kansas - Late last year, the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) released a hair-raising report on the state of

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