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Greek ports no friend to the Freedom Flotilla

How sad that a country concerned with understanding and freedom should be sending commandos to stop the current Freedom Flotilla to Gaza.

Not only are the boats being hindered from leaving Greek ports, but the skipper of the American boat Audacity of Hope is in jail on felony charges.

When will the world’s politicians see that non violent protests provide hope for the future?

Professor Stuart Rees, Director of the Sydney Peace Foundation, has raised these concerns with the Greek Ambassador, Alexios G. Christopoulos and is awaiting his reply.

Professor Rees writes…

“Dear Ambassador Christopoulos,

I have received reports from passengers on the Freedom Flotilla about to sail to break the illegal siege of Gaza that Greek commandos – influenced or instructed by Israeli and US governments – are stopping boats from leaving Greek ports. Given Greek pride in independence, your respect for human rights and Greece’s reputation for courage in the face of international bullies, I’m sure these reports are incorrect. Is that the case ?? I’d be grateful for your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Stuart Rees AM Professor Emeritus & Director, Sydney Peace Foundation