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Extraordinary people around the world have powerful solutions for the world’s biggest problems. They prove that peace is possible.

The Sydney Peace Prize elevates these leading global voices, and gives them a platform to ensure the governments and media take notice, inspiring the Australian public to take action. The Prize also honours these leaders for their courage and commitment, and supports them to further their work.

Since 1998, Sydney Peace Prize recipients have shown us how to share our planet peacefully, justly and sustainably. They raise awareness, ignite debate, and lead by example. They remind the Australia that a fair, equitable and just world is possible and starts with our own actions, in our own families and communities.


You can help

The power of ordinary people is a phenomenal force for change. By getting involved, you can help the Sydney Peace Foundation back some of the world’s most important champions for peace and justice. Together, we can make sure their voices are heard. Together, we can create a peaceful, fair, just and compassionate world that cares for people and planet.


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Your generosity enables us to award the annual Sydney Peace Prize, Australia’s international prize for peace. The Sydney Peace Foundation and the continuation of the Sydney Peace Prize wholly depends on the support of people who care about peace and justice.

Our generous donors and supporters help us make a difference. We would be grateful for your support. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Note: Donations are made through a Sydney Peace Foundation donation page hosted by the University of Sydney.