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The Sydney Peace Foundation films or engages media outlets to film as many events and talks as possible. This page is a continually expanding collection of video footage of past Sydney Peace Foundation talks, interviews and media engagement.

A selection is below, more inspiring videos can be found on the Sydney Peace Foundation YouTube Channel and Vimeo.

2023 Sydney Peace Prize Lecture

2023 Peace with Justice

Making Peace Visible: What is the Sydney Peace Foundation?
Attendees Interviewed at Uluru Statement Peace Prize Award Ceremony 2021-22
2021-22 Sydney Peace Prize Lecture delivered by Professor Megan Davis
A moment to change the world: the Sydney Peace Prize story
2017 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture by Black Lives Matter
2016 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture by Naomi Klein
2016 Sydney Peace Prize week highlights
2014 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture by Julian Burnside AO QC
2011 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture by Professor Noam Chomsky
Professor Noam Chomsky Awarded the Sydney Peace Prize
2008 Cabramatta High Peace Day with Patrick Dodson
Ethics for a Whole World – The Dalai Lama in Conversation with Andrew West
Ten years’ of Sydney Peace Prize recipients talk about Peace
Sydney Peace Foundation’s Founding Story: Professor Stuart Rees
Peace, Human Rights & Business