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Peace is possible

Together, we can create a peaceful, fair, just and compassionate world that cares for people and planet.

In today’s world, we face serious challenges.

The devastating impacts of climate change are acutely felt across the world. Our economic system is wired to enrich the most powerful, and the world’s 1% is richer than the other 99% combined. Welfare systems are broken down piece by piece, and many people are doing tough. Worsening inequality and racism are feeding politics of fear and divisiveness. The world has become less peaceful, and a sharp uptick in conflict means that we are in the middle of the biggest global refugee crisis since World War II.

Yet, many of our leaders across the world are failing us. They act from fear, not hope or vision. The day’s media headlines and newsfeeds are likely to prompt a feeling of powerlessness, sadness and anger can at times feel overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Let’s change the conversation

Although they often go unrecognised, extraordinary people around the world have powerful solutions for the world’s biggest problems.

Together, we can make sure their voices are heard. Together, we can help them keep going. Together, we can create a peaceful, fair, just and compassionate world that cares for people and planet.

The power of ordinary people is a phenomenal force for change. The challenges that we face can divide or unite us. It is up to us to choose how we will respond.

We give people who prove that peace is possible a platform to ensure governments and media take notice. We honour and support these leaders to further their work, and inspire the Australian public to take action.

Peace with Justice

For societies to truly live in peace, people require more than safety from the violence of war and oppression.

To achieve true and lasting peace, we must reject fear and division so that we can build strong, loving and compassionate communities.

To achieve true and lasting peace, we must address deep injustice and inequality so that we can all thrive and live in dignity.

Peace with justice is tangible. It means we end the violence of poverty, and leave no one behind. It means we don’t discriminate and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Unless we live these principles, any culture becomes merely a survival of the fittest.