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13 February, 2024, Nazanin Boniadi — fighting for women’s rights in Iran – ABC listen


December edition, 2023, Nazanin Boniadi On Iran, Doomscrolling & The Sydney Peace Prize (harpersbazaar.com.au)

8 November, 2023, WomanLifeFreedom and Peace: Nazanin Boniadi (cityhub.com.au)

5 November, 2023, Pioneering Palestinian Women – eniGma Magazine 

3 November, 2023, Students inspired by powerful voice for peace (nsw.gov.au) NSW Department of Education

2 November, 2023, Sydney Peace Prize: Homeland actor Nazanin Boniadi makes plea to the West (smh.com.au)

2 November, 2023, Why this Hollywood actor was awarded Australia’s most prestigious peace prize | SBS News

2 November, 2023, Actor and Sydney peace prize winner Nazanin Boniadi urges Australia to sanction key Iranian officials | The Guardian

2 November, 2023, Iranian rights activist awarded Sydney Peace Prize – ABC listen

2 November, 2023, ‘Who am I not to have hope when they do?’: Activist Nazanin Boniadi (womensagenda.com.au)

1 November, 2023, Nazanin Boniadi wins the Sydney Peace Prize – ABC listen

1 November, 2023, Nazanin Boniadi, Peace Prize – Sky News

30 October, 2023, Celebrating the real heroes: Sydney Peace Foundation (cityhub.com.au)

25 October, 2023, Actress Nazanin Boniadi on why China shouldn’t be mediator in the Middle East – ABC News

24 October, 2023, Sydney Peace Prize winner emphasises women’s role in Middle East peace (womensagenda.com.au)

24 October, 2023, TRACEY SPICER: AI is the new frontier of feminism! – Wild with Sarah Wilson – Podcast en iVoox

23 October, 2023, Stream Melanie Morrison on Sydney Peace Prize, Radio Skid Row | SoundCloud

18 October, 2023, 2023 Sydney Peace Prize Lecture to be delivered by Nazanin Boniadi – The University of Sydney

2021 – 2022

15 June, 2021, Heart Beats On, Teisha Cloos, National Indigenous Times

27 May, 2021, The Uluru Statement from the Heart wins the 2021 Sydney Peace Prize, RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly

27 May, 2021, ‘Historic offering of peace’: Uluru Statement from the Heart wins 2021 Sydney Peace Prize, Madeline Hislop, Women’s Agenda

26 May, 2021, Interview with Megan Davis, ABC The Drum

26 May, 2021, Uluru Statement from the Heart awarded 2021 Sydney Peace Prize, Naaman Zhou, The Guardian

26 May, 2021, Uluru Statement winning Sydney Peace Prize is ‘recognition’ of achievement, Sky News

26 May, 2021, The ‘powerful and historic’ Uluru Statement from the Heart has been awarded the Sydney Peace Prize, Jodie Stephens, SBSNews

26 May, 2021, Uluru Statement wins 2021 Sydney Peace Prize, Adam Phelan, UNSW

26 May, 2021, Uluru Statement from the Heart wins 2021 Sydney Peace Prize, University of Sydney

25 March, 2021, Sydney Peace Prize laureates call for more sanctions against Myanmar military figures, Daniel Hurst and Ben Doherty, The Guardian


24 November, 2020, Midnight Oil have always been about social justice, the earth’s beauty and hope through action, David Ritter, The Guardian

14 October, 2020, Midnight Oil to be Awarded Sydney Peace Foundation’s Gold Medal for Human Rights, Tyler Jenke, Rolling Stone

14 October, 2020, Midnight Oil To Be Awarded Prestigious Human Rights Honour At Special Event, The Music

14 October, 2020, Midnight Oil win Sydney Peace Foundation’s gold medal for human rights, NITV

14 October, 2020, Midnight Oil win Sydney Peace Foundation’s gold medal for human rights, The Guardian


21 November, 2019. Has our “himpathy” for powerful abusers finally been exhausted?, Kristine Ziwica for Women’s Agenda

15 November, 2019. Going beyond the hashtag with Me Too founder Tarana Burke, Stop Everything! with Benjamin Law, Beverley Wang

15 November, 2019. Burden on Aboriginal women is made heavier by funding cut, Jenna Price, Sydney Morning Herald

14 November, 2019. Tarana Burke interviewed on The Project

14 November, 2019. Tarana Burke interviewed on Focus with Cassie McCulloughABC Radio Sydney

14 November, 2019. ‘Every hashtag is a human’: Founder of #metoo on what’s next for the movement, Shalailah Medhora ABC Triple J 

14 November, 2019. Has #MeToo failed in Australia? It’s complicated, says the woman who started it, Kate Sullivan, SBS News 

13 November, 2019. Tarana Burke and Tracey Spicer National Press Club Address, ABC TV, Sky News 

13 November, 2019. ‘Outing perpetrators doesn’t get to root of the problem’, Tarana Burke, Sydney Morning Herald 

13 November, 2019. Tarana Burke: What happens after a person says ‘me too’ is fundamental, Georgina Dent for Women’s Agenda

11 November, 2019. Tarana Burke on The Drum – ABC TV 

23 October, 2019. ‘A phenomenal leap’: Tarana Burke on #MeToo’s success so far and next steps, Melissa Davey, The Guardian 

23 October, 2019. #MeToo founder says Australia’s defamation laws silence victims, Jacqueline Maley, Sydney Morning Herald 

1 May, 2019. #MeToo movement leaders win Sydney Peace Prize, Catriona Stirrat for SBS News

1 May, 2019. #MeToo Movement wins 2019 Sydney Peace Prize, Australian Human Rights Commission’s latest news

1 May, 2019. Me Too discussed on ABC News Radio

1 May 2019. #MeToo wins Sydney Peace Prize, ABC Local News

1 May, 2019. Sydney Peace Prize Awarded to the #MeToo MovementNick O’Malley for Sydney Morning Herald (print and online)

1 May, 2019. Tarana Burke and Tracey Spicer win Sydney Peace prize for #MeToo work, Lisa Martin for The Guardian Australia


25 December, 2018. 2018 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture, delivered by Nobel Laureate and inequality expert Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Sky News Extra (TV)

23 November, 2018. Aussie politicians should beware the US path, warns top economist,  Kerri O’Brien for The Sydney Morning Herald

21 November, 2018. Stiglitz worthy recipient of Peace Prize, Marianna Brungs for Australian Financial Review

21 November, 2018. Championing the cause of inequality, David Richardson for Australian Financial Review

21 November, 2018. Global risks give traders pause, Richard Eggleton for Australian Financial Review

21 November, 2018. Individualism and Collectivism Reconciled, Ronald E. Johnson for Australian Financial Review (print).

20 November, 2018. Panel Discussion with ACTU secretary Sally McManus, ABC Melbourne, the Drum Elle Fanning (TV)

20 November, 2018. Joe Stiglitz isn’t the economist he used to be, by Aaron Patrick for Australian Financial Review

19 November, 2018. A public philosophy of non-violence, a culture of peace – that’s the diplomacy the world needs today, Nirupama Rao for Scroll.in

19 November, 2018. Interview with Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate for Economics, ABC Radio Melbourne, Melbourne, Drive Rafael Epstein

19 November, 2018. Faine is joined by Helen Szoke, CEO, Oxfam. Szoke confirms Nobel…, ABC Radio Melbourne, Melbourne, Conversation Hour Jon Faine

18 November, 2018. Kenny discusses the result of a new scientific study where sever…, Sky News Live, Sydney, Kenny on Sunday Chris Kenny (TV)

17 November, 2018. Beyond 2018: Truth-telling must be protected if growth is to continue, Ebony Bennett for Canberra Times

17 November, 2018. Debate needs facts, not feelings, Chris Graham for Weekend Australian

16 November, 2018. Nobel Prize-winning economist and Columbia University professor…ABC Radio Darwin , Darwin, 09:00 News Newsreader (Radio)

16 November, 2018. Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says Australia wil…ABC Radio Adelaide, Adelaide, 07:45 News Newsreader (Radio)

16 November, 2018. Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-winning economist, says Australia w…ABC Mid North Coast, Taree, 07:30 News Newsreader (Radio)

16 November, 2018. While accepting this year’s Sydney Peace Prize, world-renowned U…ABC Radio Perth, Perth, 06:30 News Newsreader (Radio)

16 November, 2018. In accepting this year’s Sydney Peace Prize for his work on inco…ABC Radio Darwin , Darwin, 06:00 News Newsreader (Radio)

16 November, 2018. Climate change numbers don’t lie, Sydney Morning Herald

16 November, 2018. Red card on penalties, Brian Pymont for Sydney Morning Herald

16 November, 2018. Cabramatta High School celebrates peace, Chris Boulous for Fairfield Champion

15 November, 2018. Greens to push for industry-level bargaining to woo voters away from Labor, Paul Karp for Guardian Australia

15 November, 2018. The forsaken children strike back: 21 young people sue to save planet, Joseph Stiglitz for Sydney Morning Herald

15 November, 2018. The world will soon ‘no tolerate’ coal: Joseph Stiglitz, David Speers for Sky News (The Australian, Northern Territory News).

15 November, 2018. Wage growth reaches a three year high, Sky News (Adelaide Now).

15 November, 2018. Forsaken children sue Trump to save their planet from the ravages of climate, Joseph Stiglitz for Sydney Morning Herald

15 November, 2018. Penalty rates prove Nobel pursuit, Dana Mccauley for Age Melbourne (Canberra Times).

15 November, 2018. Greed and stupidity in the new guilded age, Jonathan Shapiro for Australian Financial Review

 15 November, 2018. Nobel laureate warns on cuts to Sunday penalty rates, Dana Mccauley for Age Melbourne

14 November, 2018. Joseph Stiglitz warns US will lose from trade war, fears domination of tech giants, Jonathan Shapiro for Australian Financial Review

14 November, 2018. Interview with Greg Sheridan, foreign editor, The Australian. Sp…Sky News Live, Sydney, Speers David Speers (TV)

14 November, 2018. National Press Club address of Joseph Stiglitz, Economist and 20…ABC, Sydney, National Press Club Address Sabra Lane (TV)

14 November, 2018. There are many good ideas to tackle inequality – it’s time we acted on them, Marianna Brungs for The Conversation

14 November, 2018. Greens to establish a ‘fair dinkum’ power inquiry – as it happened, Amy Remeikis for Guardian Australia

14 November, 2018. Nobel-prize winner endorses sector bargaining,  actu.org.au

14 November, 2018. Nobel ambitions to revitalise unions, Ewin Hannan for The Australian

14 November, 2018. Coalition launches $2 billion small business fund, Chris Woods for Crikey.com.au

14 November, 2018. Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz warns on penalty rates cuts, Dana McCauly for The Sydney Morning Herald

13 November, 2018. Economist Joseph Stiglitz says wages growth needs industry-wide bargaining, Ewan Hanna for The Australian Business Review

13 November, 2018. Poppies play a part in Peace Day celebration, Chris Boulous for Fairfield Champion

12 November, 2018. 2018 Sydney Peace Prize awarded to Joseph Stiglitz, 2ser.com

 9 November, 2018. Don’t give up on politics, it’s where the fight for the fair go must be won, Marc Stears for The Conversation (daileybulletin.com.au)

7 November, 2018. Peacemaker says another world is possible, Beth Godwin for Liverpool Champion

6 November, 2018. Fretting over the rich does not help the poor, Judith Sloan for The Australian

6 November, 2018. Trump job boom and rising pay is bad news for union stooges and the doom-mongers, The Australian

6 November, 2018. Nobel laureates seeking ‘reliable info’ guarantee, Courier Mail, Brisbane

6 November, 2018. Trump job boom and rising pay is bad news for union stooges and the doom-mongers, The Australian

6 November, 2018. To tackle inequality, we must start in the labour market, Jim Stanford for Sydney Democracy Network

5 November, 2018. Joseph Stiglitz: “America should be a warning for other countries”, Gareth Hutchins for The Guardian Australia

1 November, 2018. To tackle inequality, we must start in the labour market, Jim Stanford for The Conversation

1 November, 2018. Tough questions aren’t being asked on climate, Andrew Bolt for Adelaide Advertiser

1 November, 2018. Don’t ask questions, Andrew Bolt for The Daily Telegraph

1 November, 2018.  Hold scaremongers to account, Andrew Bolt for West Australian

1 November, 2018. Journalists fail to ask the burning questions, Andrew Bolt for Gold Coast Bulletin

1 November, 2018. Why won’t we ask questions?, Andrew Bolt for Herald Sun, Melbourne

1 November, 2018. We should put the heat on alarmists, Andrew Bolt for Courier Mail, Brisbane

31 October, 2018. Interview with climate science writer Joanne Nova. Dean plays a …Sky News Live, Sydney, Outsiders Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean (TV)

31 October, 2018. Blind acceptance on climate change is most frightening, Andrew Bolt for Herald Sun

25 October, 2018. ABC-watch: Economist talks unresearched conspiracy science to pretend journalist, JoNova

25 October, 2018. The ‘fair go’ is a fading dream, but don’t write it off, Gary Barrett for The Conversation (Barrier Daily Truth).

24 October, 2018. Joseph Stiglitz warns Australia on economic fallout from fossil fuel dependence, Emma Alberici for ABC (The New Dailey)

24 October, 2018. Interview with The Guardian Political Reporter Paul Karp. Chvast…ABC Ballarat, Ballarat, Statewide Drive Nicole Chvastek (radio)

24 October, 2018. Pre-recorded interview with former World Bank economist Joseph S…ABC News, Sydney, ABC News Afternoons Kirsten Aiken (tv)

24 October, 2018. Nobel Laureate in Economics, former World Bank economist and Col…ABC Radio Melbourne (radio)

24 October, 2018. Sydney Peace Prize recipient and former World Bank economist Jos…ABC Radio Hobart, Hobart (Radio)

24 October, 2018. Sydney Peace Prize recipient Joseph Stiglitz has blamed Australi…ABC Radio Sydney, Sydney, 11:00 News (radio).

24 October, 2018. Nobel Laureate in Economics and former World Bank economist Jose…Triple J, Sydney (radio).

24 October, 2018. Former World Bank Economist and Columbia University Prof Joseph …ABC Radio Sydney (radio).

24 October, 2018. Coal and oil companies have ‘hijacked’ vital climate change issue: Economist, interview between Joseph Stiglitz and Emma Alberici for ABC Radio (radio).

25 April 2018. Episode 12 Corporate tax cuts. Will the money trickle down, or up? Richard Denniss, Podcast for the series ‘The Lucky Country’ for The Saturday Paper.

23 April 2018. Joseph Stiglitz’s Sydney Peace Prize was a topic for the panel discussion on ABC’s The Drum.

23 April 2018. Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz wins Sydney Peace Prize. RN Breakfast w. Fran Kelly.

21 April 2018. Nobel laureate economist declares war against ‘know-nothing’ Trump. Nick Bryant for Fairfax (SMH, Good Weekend, Canberra Times, Brisbane Times)

21 April 2018. American economist Joseph Stiglitz wins 2018 Sydney Peace Prize. Helen Pitt for Fairfax (SMH, Good Weekend, Canberra Times, Brisbane Times)

21 April 2018. Joseph Stiglitz: 2018 Sydney Peace prize winner on tax cuts and Trump. Greg Jericho for The Guardian

Video of Announcement Breakfast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A6xTYVoSaw


21 November, 2017. Jack Latimore on Black Lives Matter, activist and solidarity. Podcast on Eureka Street

21 November, 2017. Black Lives Matter wins 2017 Sydney Peace Prize. Socrates Mbamulu for This Is Africa

18 November, 2017. Black Lives Matter in Australia. Maxine Beneba Clarke for The Saturday Paper.

7 November, 2017. Reigniting a global conversation around state violence and racism. Emelda Davis for First Nations Telegraph.

7 November, 2017. Speech by Dr Jackie Huggins: Black Lives Matter in Australia, too. The Mandarin.

4 November, 2017. Black Lives Matter receives the Sydney Peace Prize: “This movement is global and has been global.” Mic – The Movement. By Aaron Morrison.

4 November, 2017. Black Lives Matter awarded Sydney Peace Prize for anti-racism work. Evening Standard (UK).

3 November, 2017: Having Black Lives Matter in Australia can help strengthen Indigenous activism. Jack Latimore for Guardian Australia and on IndigenousX.

3 November, 2017. (US) Black Lives Matter Honored with Sydney Award. Ebony – Shantelle E. Jamison.

3 November, 2017. (US) Black Lives Matter Founders Awarded Sydney Peace Prize. Colorlines – Kenrya Rankin.

3 November, 2017. Black Lives Matter Down Under. The Briefing with Alex McKinnon – The Saturday Paper.

2 November, 2017: Black Lives Matter in Australia: wherever black people are, there is racism – and resistance. Patrisse Cullors and Rodney Diverlus for Guardian Australia.

2 November, 2017. ABC Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly: Black Lives Matter founders meet Australia’s Indigenous community


2 November, 2017: Australian Government urged to make black lives matter. Belinda Tasker, Australian Associated Press (AAP). Syndicated in SBS News, Huffington Post Australia, Yahoo News, New Jersey Herald

2 November, 2017: 7.30 News (TV). Black Lives Matter movement inspiring Indigenous peoples across the globe Or on Youtube.

2 November, 2017. ‘Be courageous’ Black Lives Matter urges Australia to stand with its First Peoples. Nakari Thorpe, NITV News.

2 November, 2017. The Story of Black Lives Matter. David Sigston, News.com.au.

2 Nov 2017. (US) Black Lives Matter Movement Awarded Sydney Peace Prize for Activism. NBC News.

1 November, 2017. Black Lives Matter in Australia: ‘Incarceration is a way to destroy a community’. David Fanner and Jack Latimore, Guardian Australia.

1 November, 2017. National Press Club Address with Dr Jackie Huggins: Why Black Lives Matter Everywhere

1 November, 2017. Black Lives Matter founder urges Australians to fight racism. Trevor Marshallsea, AP. Syndicated in The Washington Post, LA Times, ABC News,  DailyMail Australia, FoxNews, Business Insider, Pittsburgh Courier, St Louis Post-Dispatch, Daily Herald.

1 November, 2017. Triple R Breakfasters. Black Lives Matter.

1 November, 2017. Black Lives Matter founders meet Australia’s Indigenous community. Abbie O’Brien, SBS News.

1 November, 2017. ABC Radio National Late Night Live with Philip Adams: Black Lives Matter.


1 November, 2017. (US) Power To The People: Black Lives Matter Awarded With Sydney Peace Prize. Blavity.

1 November, 2017. How Black Lives Matter is inspiring Aboriginal activists – The founders of the global civil rights movement and young black Australians talk about what Black Lives Matter means to them. Isabella Higgins and Bridget Brennan, ABC News

1 November, 2017. Interview: Patrisse Cullors & Rodney Diverlus of Black Lives Matter. Victoria Beal, Broadwayworld.

31 October, 2017. Black Lives Matter Global Network’s Patrisse Cullors and Rodney Diverlus in conversation with the Guardian’s Gabrielle Jackson

31 October, 2017 (US) Black Lives Matter award spotlights Australia racial issues. Trevor Marshallsea, AP. Syndicated in the Washington PostThe Philadelphia Tribune, The Seattle Times,  Star Tribune, Las Vegas Sun, Fox News, DailyMail Australia, NewsOk, Olean Times Herald, Winnipeg Free Press, The Standard (HK).

31 October, 2017. Cabramatta High School celebrates Peace Day. Chris Boulos, Fairfield Champion.

30 October, 2017. Black Lives Matter founders to receive 2017 Sydney Peace Prize. The Grio.

‘Black Lives Matter Everywhere’ series on The Conversation: https://theconversation.com/au/topics/black-lives-matter-everywhere-44608

12 October, 2017. The backlash against Black Lives Matter is just more evidence of injustice. Dr David Smith

16 October, 2017. Australia’s hidden history of slavery: the government divides to conquer. (Waskam) Emelda Davis

26 October, 2017. We cannot deny the violence of White supremacy any more. Professor Yolanda Moses

31 October, 2017. We just Black matter: Australia’s indifference to Aboriginal lives and land. Dr Chelsea Bond.

1 November, 2017. Black Lives Matter is a revolutionary peace movement. Professor Melina Abdullah.


21 June, 2017. Award-winning pianist Malek Jandali on preserving Syrian music. ABC World News with Beverley O’Connor. Video here.

17 June, 2017. Black Lives Matter wins an international award for its work. The Louisiana Weekly.

16 June, 2017. San Quentin — up close and personal: Top things you should know about policing this week. USA Today.

15 June, 2017. Syrian pianist Down Under for refugee week. Danielle McGrane, Australian Associated Press / News.com.au.

15 June, 2017. TEDWomen Update: Black Lives Matter Wins Sydney Peace Prize. Pat Mitchell for the Huffington Post and Ted Blog

8 June, 2017. Black Lives Matter Leaders Win Sydney Peace Foundation Prize. Democracy Now! Video here, at 12:53.

1 June, 2017. Founders Of Black Lives Matter To Receive Sydney Peace Prize. The Voice Online.

31 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter wins Global Peace Prize for championing justice and equality. Cristina Silva, Newsweek.

30 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter movement to be awarded the 2017 Sydney peace prize. Kelly Macias, Daily Kos

27 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter movement Sydney Peace Prize. Chris Baynes, The Independent UK.

26 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter Founders To Be Honored With The 2017 Sydney Peace Prize, Blavity.

26 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter Founders To Receive Sydney Peace Prize. Elijah C. Watson, Okayplayer.

24 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter: the first movement to win the Sydney Peace Prize. Tomasz Frymorgen, BBC Three.

24 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter just won Sydney Peace Prize. It’s time to stop calling it a hate group. Joy Mohammed, Wear Your Voice.

23 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter receives Sydney Peace Prize for inspiring people to ‘stand up’ for equality. Johnny Lieu, Mashable.

23 May 2017. Black Lives Matter Awarded the 2017 Sydney Peace Prize. Michael Harriott, The Root.

23 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter founders to be awarded 2017 Sydney Peace Prize. Brian Murhpy, Miami Herald.

23 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter Just Became The First Movement to Win Sydney Peace Prize. Osman Faruqi, Junkee.

23 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter movement wins Sydney Peace Prize. Radio National Breakfast with Hamish McDonald.

23 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter awarded 2017 Sydney Peace Prize. Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian Australia and The Guardian United States.

23 May, 2017. We’re trying to re-imagine humanity. A conversation between Patrisse Cullors, Latoya Rule and Calla Wahlquist for The Guardian Australia Behind the Lines Podcast.

23 May, 2017. Black Lives Matter named as winner of 2017 Sydney Peace Prize. Josephine Tovey, Sydney Morning Herald.



15 December, 2016. We are hitting the wall of maximum grabbing. Naomi Klein, The Nation. Remarks  delivered upon accepting the Sydney Peace Prize on November 11, 2016.

10 December, 2016. How does Naomi Klein’s plan to save the planet weigh up? Tim Elliott, SMH The Good Weekend. Also in The Age Good Weekend.

14 November, 2016. Fighting climate change in a Trump era. Vaidehi Shah, Eco-Business.

11 November, 2016. Naomi Klein Delivers Sydney Peace Prize Lecture Against Backdrop of Trump Win. Deidre Fulton, Common Dreams.

11 November, 2016. We need more climate warriors like Naomi Klein. David Hirsch, Sydney Morning Herald.

11 November, 2016. Trump is a distraction from the real problem of global elites, says Naomi Klein. Nastasya Tay, SBS News.

11 November, 2016. Awards: Naomi Klein wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Becky Robertson, Quill & Quire.

10 November, 2016. Donald Trump isn’t the end of the world, but climate change may be. Naomi Klein, Sydney Morning Herald.

10 November, 2016. ABC TV The Drum with Julia Baird.

10 November, 2016. Naomi Klein to get Sydney Peace Prize. Times Colonist (Canada) and Northumberland News (Toronto, Canada).

10 November, 2016. Sydney Peace Prize Winner Naomi Klein spoke at Cabramatta High School. Frances Sacco, Daily Telegraph.

10 November, 2016. 3RRR Radio Melbourne: Naomi Klein on Breakfasters.

10 November, 2016. We need a moratorium on all coalmines: Naomi Klein in conversation – Behind the Lines podcast. The Guardian, Podcast of event “To Change Everything, We Need Everything” co-organised by the Sydney Peace Foundation and Sydney Environment Institute, Greenpeace Australia Pacific and ActionAid, and supported by the Edmund Rice Centre, 350.org and Seed.

9 November, 2016. Voices to Change the Future. Frances Sacco, Fairfield Advance.

8 November, 2016. 774 ABC Radio Melbourne: Afternoons with Clare Bowditch

8 November, 2016. ABC Radio National: Late Night Live with Philip Adams.

8 November, 2016. ABC Radio 702: Afternoons with James Valentine

8 November, 2016. Naomi Klein attacks free-market philosophy in Q&A climate change debate – video. The Guardian.

8 November, 2016. Q&A: Naomi Klein criticises Institute of Public Affairs over climate interventions. Michael Slezak, The Guardian.

8 November, 2016. Q&A: Naomi Klein says Australia no better than ‘insane and racist’ Donald Trump. Georgina Mitchell, Sydney Morning Herald.

8 November, 2016. Naomi Klein asks ‘where the outrage is’ over 18C and the right of asylum seekers to be heard. ABC News.

8 November, 2016. Canadian activist slams Australian treatment of refugees as “insane and racist”. Women Weekly.

8 November, 2016. Naomi Klein likens Australia’s refugee treatment to Trump’s ‘insane’ wall. Elise Cooper, Mashable Australia.

8 November, 2016. Q&A: Australia ‘raising middle finger to the world’ on climate change, Naomi Klein says. Dan Smith for ABC News.

8 November, 2016. ‘You’re doing it, he’s just talking about it’: Canadian author slams Australia’s ‘insane and racist’ treatment of refugees and compares it to Donald Trump’s plan to build a Mexican wall. Rachel Eddie, Daily Mail Australia.

8 November, 2016. Australia’s asylum seeker detentions compared to Trump’s policies. 9 News.

8 November, 2016. Peace Prize winner Naomi Klein inspires students. Fairfield City Champion.

7 November, 2016. ‘You’re doing it. He’s just talking about it’ — Australia compared to Donald Trump for ‘insane’ policy. Andrew Koubaridis, News.com.au.

7 November, 2016. ABC Q&A with Naomi Klein, Anthony Albanese, James Paterson, Don Watson, Georgina Downer

7 November , 2016. ‘There Is Shame In All This’: Naomi Klein Voices Rage as Reef Disappears. Deidre Fulton, CommonDreams

7 November 2016. Naomi Klein: Climate change is intergenerational theft. That’s why my son is part of this story. Naomi Klein, The Guardian.

7 November, 2016. Naomi Klein at the Great Barrier Reef: What have we left for our children? Naomi Klein, Josh Wall, David Hannan, The Guardian.

7 November, 2016. Guardian Australia and Naomi Klein combine for exclusive film on climate change. The Guardian Australia Press Office.

4 November, 2016. Can one person really make a difference? Beth Godwin, Fairfield City Champion.

The World According to Naomi Klein. Sophie Calagas, Frankie Magazine, issue 74.

25 June, 2016. Naomi Klein on the racism that underlies climate change inaction. The Saturday Paper. (online)

27 May, 2016. Naomi Klein explains how the rise of Trump and Sanders proves she was right all along. By Julian Morgans, Vice Australia. (online)

18 May, 2016. ABC 702 Breakfast with Robbie Buck. (radio)

18 May, 2016. Climate change believers can still be climate change deniers. ABC Triple j Hack (online)

17 May, 2016. Naomi Klein: Australia is the ‘outlier’ on tacking climate change. Radio National Drive (radio)

17 May, 2016, Naomi Klein calls out Australia’s climate change vacuum. The Fifth Estate (online)

16 May, 2016. For inspiring ‘A new agenda,’ Naomi Klein wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Independent Australia (online), Hard News (online), Common Dreams (online)

15 May, 2016. Naomi Klein Wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Obert Madondo, Canadian Progressive (online)

15 May, 2016. Naomi Klein criticises lack of global action on climate change after Sydney Peace Prize win. Paul Karp, The Guardian Australia (online)

14 May, 2016. Activist and Author Naomi Klein has won the 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Olivia Chang, Business Insider Australia (online), The Marshalltown (online)

14 May, 2016. Sydney Peace Prize awarded to Naomi Klein. Skynews (online)

14 May, 2016. Canadian author Naomi Klein takes out Sydney Peace Prize. Channel 9News (online)

14 May, 2016. Naomi Klein wins Sydney Peace Prize. Warren Barnsley, Yahoo!7News (online), SBS (online), Channel 9News (online)

14 May, 2016. Naomi Klein wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. The University of Sydney (online)

14 May, 2016. 2016 Naomi Klein to be awarded 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Joesphine Tovey, Sydney Morning Herald (print and online)


Feb 18, 2016 Artists without borders, Creative City Sydney (online)

Nov 18, 2015 Peace Prize artist George Gittoes joins students at Cabramatta High School to spread message, Marie Hogg, Daily Telegraph Fairfield Advance (newspaper)

Nov 17, 2015 Students delighted to host a man of peace, Kirstie Chlopicki, Fairfield City Champion (newspaper)

Nov 14, 2015, George Gittoes’ City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture, on Australian Public Affairs Channel (A-PAC on Foxtel) 6.30am, 12.20pm, 6.10pm (television)

Nov 14, 2015, Art’s Pied Piper of Conflict, Daily Telegraph (newspaper)

Nov 12, 2015, Gittoes honoured with Peace Prize for work as humanist artist/filmmaker: gallery, Jim Gainsford, The Leader (online)

Nov 10, 2015 Listen: George Gittoes on Mornings, Greta Balog and Nicholas Watts, FBI Radio (radio)

Nov 9, 2015, Meet George Gittoes, Monique Schafter, ABC 7:30 report (television)

Nov 9, 2015, Art helps make the world a better place, David Hirsch, Sydney Morning Herald (online)

Nov 8, 2015, George Gittoes and the Sydney Peace Prize: an interview from Artwriter’s archives, Elizabeth Fortescue, Artwriter (online)

Nov 7, 2015, The Fitz Files: Monarchists reply with rallying call, Peter FitzSimons, Sydney Morning Herald (online)

Oct 31, 2015, Spiritual Esctasy: George Gittoes’s diaries reveal spiritual experiences in Afghanistan, George Gittoes, The Australian (newspaper)

Oct 21, 2015, George Gittoes with Margaret Throsby, Margaret Throsby, Radio National (radio)

Intermediary coverage of George Gittoes’ films:

Oct 9, 2015, IDFA unveils 2015 competition titles, Screen Daily (online)

Aug 7, 2015, MIFF 2015: George Gittoes’ Afghanistan film Snow Monkey is overlong but fascinating, Sydney Morning Herald (Newspaper)

Aug 2, 2015, MIFF 2015: George Gittoes’ Snow Monkey shows the other face of Afghanistan, Sydney Morning Herald (Newspaper)

Media coverage of the announcement:

On Saturday 11 April the Sydney Peace Foundation announced that George Gittoes would receive the 2015 Sydney Peace Prize. Here are some links to the media coverage of the announcement so far:

Apr 17, 2015, War artist and film maker George Gittoes discusses his time in the Afghan city of Jalalabad filming with impoverished youth, The Drum, ABC TV (television)

Apr 13, 2015, George Gittoes wins Sydney Peace Prize, ABC Radio National with Phillip Adams (radio)

Apr 11, 2015, George Gittoes and the art of war, SMH Good Weekend (print)

Apr 11, 2015‎, George Gittoes awarded Sydney Peace Prize, Paddy Wood, Yahoo7 News (online)

Apr 11, 2015, Artist Gittoes honoured with Sydney Peace Prize, Damien Murphy, The Sydney Morning Herald (print)

Apr 11, 2015‎, George Gittoes is the winner of the 2015 Sydney Peace Prize, Sarah Kimmorley, Business Insider Australia (print)

Apr 10, 2015‎, War artist and filmmaker George Gittoes wins Sydney peace prize, The Guardian (online)

Apr 10, 2015‎, War artist George Gittoes awarded Sydney Peace Prize, SBS (television)

Apr 10, 2015, Premi buoni e giusti. L’artista e filmmaker George Gittoes vince il Sidney Peace Prize, Exibart (online)

Check out this preview of George Gittoes’ latest film Love City Jalalabad:

Love City Jalalabad won the Best Documentary, Winter Film Awards Indie Film Festival, New York, 2015; Most Socially Relevant, Winter Film Awards Indie Film Festival, New York, 2015; and Finalist, Foxtel Australian Documentary Prize, Sydney Film Festival, 2013.


ABC Big Ideas Julian Burnside – 2014 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture, 2014 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture, Julian Burnside AO QC

13 October 2014, Watching Watchers and Saving Lives, Burnside was on ABC Q&A

3 November 2014, Jane Singleton on the Sydney Peace Prize, Karen Swain ATP Radio (radio)

4 November 2014, Sydney Peace Prize honour for Julian Burnside, Ron Sutton, SBS World News Radio (radio)

5 November 2014, Julian Burnside in the thick of battle for human rights, David Hirsch, Sydney Morning Herald (print)

6 November 2014, Immigration Minister denies claims asylum seekers were offered deal if witness statements on Reza Barati’s death withdrawn, Sue Lannin, ABC News

6 November 2014, Peace Prize winner alleges Manus Island witnesses encouraged to keep quiet, Sue Lannin, ABC The World Today

6 November 2014, Australia rejects Asylum offer claim in riot death case, BBC News

6 November 2014, Asylum Seeker Advocate Wins Sydney Peace Prize, Pro-Bono Australia News
7 November 2014, Cabramatta High School celebrates Peace Day, Bianca Perez, Fairfield City Champion
8 November 2014, Julian Burnside Fighting from the Bar, Mark Dapin, Sydney Morning Herald

18 November 2014, Listen to the children” Sydney Peace Prize winner Julian Burnside declares at Cabramatta High School, Daily Telegraph SOUTH WEST

19 November 2014, Important Voice for our Future: Students can find peace, Rosaline Walters, News Local p. 16.

25 November 2014, Sydney Peace Prize – Without Justice There Will Not Be Peace, Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle

February 2015, Burnside, Julian. Briefs: Pearls of wisdom [online]. LSJ: Law Society of NSW Journal, Vol. 2, No. 1, Feb 2015: 22-23.

Announcement media highlights

On Tuesday 27 May 2014, the Sydney Peace Foundation officially announced that Julian Burnside AO QC has been selected to receive the 2014 Sydney Peace Prize. Some coverage of the announcement included:

26 May 2014, “Julian Burnside selected to receive Sydney Peace Prize”, SBS News (video)

26 May 2014, “2014 Sydney Peace Prize”, Late Night Live with Phillip Adams, Radio National (radio)

4 August 2014, Sydney Peace Prize for ‘brave and principled’ Burnside, Sydney University News and Events (online)

11 June 2014, Julian Burnside AO QC wins 2014 Sydney Peace Prize, Centre for Policy Development (online)

Julian Burnside AO QC to receive the 2014 Sydney Peace Prize, Monash University News (online)

Highlights from Julian Burnside’s advocacy and articles in 2014:

20 September 2014, Julian Burnside: Alienation to alien nation, Julian Burnside, SBS / The Conversation

13 September 2014, Asylum seeker advocate Julian Burnside floats ‘Tasmanian solution’, Julian Burnside, ABC News

18 July 2014, You’ve been misled on boat people: Here are the facts, Interview and article, Sydney Morning Herald

9 July 2014, Julian Burnside says Government could be guilty of piracy for holding 153 asylum seekers at sea, Eliza Borrello, ABC News (online news)

2 July 2014, Silence on missing asylum seeker boat a disgrace to the nation, Julian Burnside, Sydney Morning Herald (newspaper)

18 June 2014, Asylum seekers can be managed with cheaper and more humane options, Julian Burnside, Sydney Morning Herald (newspaper)

13 June 2014,  In Australia, animals have better rights than asylum seekers, Julian Burnside, The Conversation (online news)

Julian Burnside AO QC joins Bill and Steve’s Radio Adventure on 774 ABC Melbourne – on Evenings with Lindy Burns (radio)

7 April 2014, The reality of boat people and a solution to the asylum seeker “problem”, Julian Burnside

17 March 2014, How we treat the vulnerable is a moral test beyond politics, Julian Burnside, The Conversation (online news)

13 March 2014, This refugee story will break your heart – Julian Burnside AO QC, Australia Cares (Youtube Clip)


Bennett, Juliet and Ngarrindjeri being Heard, “An Experiment with Tourism: Educating for Social and Ecological Justice in Australia”, Envisioning Peace Tourism: Promoting Human Security Through International Citizenship, Sydney: Routledge, pp. 156-170.

Rees, Stuart, 9th Jan, ‘Boycotting Sri Lanka Is Not Cricket’, Online Opinion

Rees, Stuart, 12th Jan, ‘Gratitude to Wikileaks and to Julian Assange,’ British Journal of R Adidas Perspectives, Liverpool Univ, UK

Rees, Stuart, Feb 14th review of Denise Leith’s ‘What It Could Be’ for Allen & Unwin

Rees, Stuart, Feb 27th, ‘Gandhi Legacy, International Priorities’, published for opening of Non violence Centre, NSW Parliament

Rees, Stuart, March 6th, ‘The Vision of Stéphane Hessel,’ New Matilda

Rees, Stuart, April 17th, ‘Culture of Compliance: Refusing the Dalai Lama’, ABC’s 7:30 Report (TV segment and transcript)

Rees, Stuart, May 21st, ‘Cruel Game Behind Politicians’ Rush to Condemn Anti Semitism,’ The Australian

Rees, Stuart, July 7th, ‘What we can learn from refugees in this election’, ABC’s The Drum

Rees, Stuart, July 8th, ‘The Carpet Baggers of Burma’, New Matilda

Rees, Stuart, July 29th, ‘Honouring Japanese leaders of Non violence: Makiguchi, Toda, Ikeda,’ in Tokyo’s Seiko Shimbun

Rees, Stuart, Sept 9th, ‘Absurdity of Naval Celebrations: No End to Militarism,’ broadcast ABC’s Radio National

Hirsch, David, “Medical Inspiration”, Medical Journal of Australia, 28 October 2013.

Rees, Stuart, October 30th, ‘Two Thousand Defendants for Human Rights’, New Matilda

Rees, Stuart, Nov 13th ‘Afghanistan, Peace with Justice Issues’ Bamiyan, Afghan Support, Sydney

Rees, Stuart, Nov 25th, ‘Truth, Justice, Peace: the moral and legal foundations of the BDS Movement,’ ABC Journal of Religion &- Ethics

Rees, Stuart, December 6th, ‘The Prisoner Who Freed A Nation’, a tribute to Nelson Mandela, New Matilda

Videos of events on ABC Big Ideas:

April 24th, ‘Dialogue with Arab Women’ televised on ABC’s Big Ideas

Sept 23rd, ‘Ethics for a Whole World”: Andrew West in Conversation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama ABC’s Big Ideas

Oct 14th, Professor Richard Falk, ‘The Palestinian Struggle for Self Determination and the Ordeal of Occupation,’ ABC’s Big Ideas

2014, Dr Cynthia Maung, ‘Health, Healing and Dignity for the Dispossessed’, ABC’s Big Ideas

Publications surrounding the Foundation’s advocacy work, in date order:

Intellectual Freedom Under Threat at Sydney, New Matilda 18/4

Sydney University Buckles to Chinese Pressure, The Guardian 18/4

Australia University Accused of Bowing to China by Barring Dalai Lama, Reuters 18/4

Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune, Vex News 18/4

Sydney University Condemned for Banning Dalai Lama, Indymedia.org 18/4

The University of Sydney Calls Off Dalai Lama Speech, phayul.com 18/4

Don’t Be Afraid to Tax and Spend, Honi Soit 25/4

Dalai Lama to Speak at the University of Sydney, NY Times 29/4

Dalai Lama to Speak at University After All, Radio Free Asia 29/4

Chinese Whispers the Dalai Lama and Sydney University, Honi Soit 31/4

Fight for Academic Freedom Continues, Megaphone Oz 11/5

Uni Gets a Lesson on Vested Interests, New Matilda 24/5

University Backflips on Dalai Lama Visit, Honi Soit 2/5

Inside Job: Bejings New Allies in its War on Tibet, Huffington Post 30/5

Photogallery of Mae Tao Clinic taken by Fairfax photographer Brendan Esposito, 16 August 2013, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, WA Today, and The Canberra Times.

‘A moment with Dr Cynthia Maung’, 16th of August 2013, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Brisbane Times, and WA Today.

“Fragile Sanctuary”, Sharon Bradley, Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend, 17 August 2013. Also published in the The Age, The Canberra Times,The Brisbane Times, WA Today, The Examiner, The Scone Advocate, The Illawara Mercury and The Maitland Mercury.

“Peace Prize winner fights for survival of her health clinic”, Sharon Bradley in the Sydney Morning Herald, 17 August 2013. Also published in The Age, The Canberra Times, WA Today, The Scone Advocate and The Examiner.

“Humanitarian Doctor to Receive 2013 Sydney Peace Prize”, New Zealand’s independent news website Scoop, 17 August 2013.

Dr Cynthia Maung: How foreign donors can help bring peace to Burma, Eliza Villarino, Devex, 29 August 2013

Thompson, Belinda, “Burmese refugees the forgotten victims of AusAID cuts”, Crikey, 24 October 2013

“AusAid cuts hurt Burmese refugees“,Interview with Belinda Thompson, produced by Bridget Backhaus, The Wire (radio) 25 October 2013. Audio file.

Interview with Stuart Rees on SBS Radio Burmese, produced by Terrell Oung, 2 November 2013.

“Aid cuts may weaken Myanmar refugee clinic“, Ron Corben, AAP, 3 November 2013, news.com.au, The Australian, The Herald Sun, The Townsville Bulletin, The Mercury, The Geelong Advertiser.

Burma still fragile: Peace Prize winner” by APP, 4 November 2013, news.com.au, SBS news,The Australian, The Herald Sun, The Gold Coast Bulletin,The Townsville Bulletin, The Mercury, and The Geelong Advertiser.

”Burmese doctor wins Sydney Peace Prize“, a radio conversation with Phillip Adams and Jane Singleton, Late Night Live, Radio National, 4 November 2013.

“Karen refugee clinic pioneer wins Sydney Peace Prize“, a radio interview with Sen Lam, Asia-Pacific, Radio Australia, 5 November 2013

“Myanmar refugee doctor wins Sydney Peace Prize“, on ABC Australian Network News and 936 ABC Hobart News, 5 November 2013

“After Ausaid cuts, award-winning clinic for Myanmar in dire straits”, Lean Alfred Santos, Devex, 5 November 2013.

“Peace Prize Recipient Honoured for Burma Border Clinic – Australia Cuts Her Funding”, Henry Zwartz, Karennews.org, 6 November 2013.

“Australia Govt Cuts Dr Cynthia’s Funding” on Karennews.org.

“Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi, Cynthia Maung to receive honorary degrees in Sydney“, Susan Banki, published on 7 November 2013 in The Sydney Morning HeraldThe AgeThe Canberra TimesThe Brisbane Times and WA Today.

“Dr Cynthia in ‘shock and pain’ after losing Australian funding” on The Democratic Voice of Burma, published on 7 November 2013

“Foreign policy cuts funding for AusAID-funded refugee clinic”, Carlos Santamaria, Devex, 7 November 2013.

“Cynthia Maung: Sydney Peace Prize Winner“, a radio conversation with Ron Sutton, SBS World News Australia Radio, 8 November 2013. Podcast here.

“Burma’s famous ‘refugee’ doctor wins Sydney Peace Prize” in The University of Sydney News, 8 November 2013

Burma’s ‘Refugee’ Doctor Wins Sydney Peace Prize’, Asian Scientist, 13 November 2013

A Healthcare Heroine”, Website of Crawford School of Public Policy at the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific, 21 November 2013.


NOVEMBER 2012 – Senator Sekai Holland is awarded the Sydney Peace Prize

Sydney Peace Prize Lecture, ABC Big Ideas, 26th November 2012 (full lecture available here)

Sydney Peace Prize on Channel 10’s The Project, 8th November 2012. (Click on the link and then look for the clip dated Thursday 8th November 2012.)

Peace prize winner condemns NSW Taser use, 8th November 2012, Tahmina Ansari for ABC News, & Yahoo 7 News

Sekai Holland to receive Sydney Peace Prize 2012, 7th November 2012, ABC 702 (radio interview with Linda Mottram)

Sekai Holland: a model for non-violent change  World News Australia Radio, SBS, 4 November 2012 (radio)

Survivor on a mission of peace, Sydney Morning Herald – News Review, Deborah Snow, 

OCTOBER 2012 – Senator Sekai Holland in Sydney

Sekai Holland’s Australian story, ABC’s The Drum, 30 October 2012 (online article by Dr Meredith Burgmann)

Forgiveness and Reconciliation, ABC’s Q&A, 29 October 2012 (55 min video – panel discussion)

Zimbabwe’s Sekai Holland shares vision for peace, SBS World News, 29 October 2012 (video 8min)

Our Torture was a Victory, Sydney Morning Herald – Good Weekend, 6 October 2012 (newspaper article by Nikki Barrowclough)

Sekai’s JourneySBS Dateline, 2 October 2012 (video 13 min with Yaara Bou Melhem)

MAY 2012 – Senator Sekai Holland Announced as 2012 Sydney Peace Prize Recipient

Lessons from Zimbabwe’s great healer, ABC’s The Drum, 25th May 2012

Sekai Holland wins Sydney Peace Prize, World News Australia, 4 May 2012

Sydney Peace Prize: Sekai Holland, Radio National Breakfast, 1 May 2012

‘A Time of Heroes’, The Global Mail, 1 May 2012

‘Distinguished graduate wins 2012 Sydney Peace Prize’, UTS: NEWSROOM, 3 May 2012

Raising issues of Peace with Justice in the Media

Govt must do more for Assange: Greens, SBS, 17 Aug 2012

 Julian Assange: the freedom of free speech, Online Opinion, 7 June 2012


Raising Peace with Justice in the Media

‘The Language of Derision: Targeting Noam Chomsky’, ABC The Drum, August 3rd 2011

‘The Debasement of Public Debate’, Online Opinion, August 24th, 2011

‘Justice for Bradley Manning’, Australia Online, July 21st, 2011

‘Noam Chomsky- A Brilliant Peace Prize Choice’, ABC The Drum, June 6th, 2011

‘We stood up for Hicks because Australia failed to when it mattered’
Mary Kostakidis, Sydney Morning Herald Opinion, May 25, 2011: Full text here
Mary Kostakidis is a journalist and member of the advisory panel to the Sydney Peace Foundation.

‘Gold Medal for Assange: A Rationale’, The Conversation, May 18th

‘Vengeances is Never Sweet: the Assassination of Bin Laden’, New Matilda, May 5th 2011

‘Muhammad Yunus: Empowering the Poor’, The Conversation, April 15th 2011

‘More Mendacity from Mendes: Israel Palestine Conflict’, Gallus Australia, March 27th 2011

‘The Company of Whistleblowers’, New Matilda, February 10th 2011

JUNE 2011 – Professor Noam Chomsky Announced as 2011 Sydney Peace Prize Recipient

‘Ideologue on a peace pedestal’, Stephen Matchett, The Australian, June 03, 2011: Full text here

Renowned journalist Adam Spencer, host of Breakfast ABC 702, speaks in depth with Professor Noam Chomsky. June 2, 2011: Full audio here

‘Controversy dogs Chomsky as he accepts Sydney Peace Prize’, John Huxley, Sydney Morning Herald, June 2, 2011: Full text here

Noam Chomsky Wins Sydney Peace Prize’, ABC News Online, June 2, 2011: Full text here

‘Chomsky Wins Sydney Peace Prize’, SBS Online News, June 2, 2011: Full text here

MAY 2011 – The Sydney Peace Foundation’s Gold Medal Award to Julian Assange was covered by:

Plus innumerable community publications, blogs and tweets.

International coverage included
The USA, the UK, India, Malaysia, Canada



Sydney Peace Prize winner Dr Shiva joins Lateline (video)