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Justice for the Palestinians, Security for Israel

The Sydney Peace Foundation’s (SPF) position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is that ‘Justice for the Palestinians means Security for Israel’. That’s also our response to President Obama’s address on the Middle East and we’re echoing the crystal clear observations made last night by Palestinian lawyer Diana Butto on ABC’s  Lateline that peace negotiations simply require adherence to international law and that oppressed people will always rise up and demand their rights. Butto asked Israel to admit the irony in  their accusation that Palestinian refugees from Syria had invaded Israel on Naqba day when they were invading a land already invaded. On the question of peace talks referred to in President Obama’s address on the Middle East, the SPF agrees that here is a unique opportunity and no-one should be put off by the predictable argument, ‘let’s wait and see how events evolve’.  In response to Diana Butto’s and our perspectives, please don’t let’s have the apologists for Israeli oppression belittling the simple formula of abiding by UN Resolution 242 and the creation of a Palestinian state in line with the 1967 borders. Those apologists include News Ltd and politicians who overlook the simple principle of paying respect to the human rights of all the people in the region. The opportunity for peace talks conducted according to the rules of international law provides a unique opportunity. May politicians find sufficient courage to seize that opportunity.