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Naomi Klein wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize

On Friday 11 November at Sydney Town Hall, Naomi Klein – Canadian award-winning author, journalist, and activist – will receive the 2016 Sydney Peace Prize.

The 2016 Sydney Peace Prize Jury’s citation reads:

Naomi Klein: For exposing the structural causes and responsibility for the climate crisis, for inspiring us to stand up locally, nationally and internationally to demand a new agenda for sharing the planet that respects human rights and equality, and for reminding us of the power of authentic democracy to achieve transformative change and justice.

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Climate change is at the root of violence and suffering across the world, from wars over water to fires and floods that destroy livelihoods, displacing thousands. The economic system that has created this crisis has disadvantaged many and has damaged our planet beyond repair. 

If we want to achieve peace, we cannot ignore climate change. It is the greatest challenge of our time, and we must recognise that this is about justice and human rights, as much as it is about the environment. It requires a transition away from fossil fuels and predatory economics, to a system that cares for people and planet. Naomi Klein shows us how.

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With publications including No Logo and The Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein dissects the systemic and fundamental challenges of our time. Throughout her career she has joined the dots between politics, economy and history, distilling powerful truths that are universally applicable, which once understood cannot be unheard or unseen.

Turning to climate change in the book, film and worldwide campaign This Changes Everything (trailer below), “Naomi Klein applies her fine, fierce and meticulous mind to the greatest, most urgent question of our time”, so writes 2004 Sydney Peace Prize recipient Arundhati Roy.