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Media coverage of the 2016 Sydney Peace Prize

On Friday 11 November 2016, Naomi Klein received the 2016 Sydney Peace Prize at Sydney Town Hall.

Naomi Klein is a Canadian award-winning author, journalist, activist and one of the world’s leading voices on climate change. Her bold, unapologetic and insightful analysis impressed the Sydney Peace Prize Jury. The Jury citation reads:

Naomi Klein: for exposing the structural causes and responsibility for the climate crisis, for inspiring us to stand up locally, nationally, and internationally to demand a new agenda for sharing the planet that respects human rights and equality, and for reminding us of the power of authentic democracy to achieve transformative change and justice.

Press Releases from Sydney Peace Foundation:

16 May, 2016, 2016 Sydney Peace Prize Winner Naomi Klein: “Lack of Political Leadership on Climate Change in Australia”

14 May, 2016, Naomi Klein Wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize

Media coverage:

10 December, 2016. How does Naomi Klein’s plan to save the planet weigh up? Tim Elliot, Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend.

14 November, 2016. Fighting climate change in a Trump era. Vaidehi Shah, Eco-Business.

11 November, 2016. Naomi Klein Delivers Sydney Peace Prize Lecture Against Backdrop of Trump Win. Deidre Fulton, Common Dreams.

11 November, 2016. We need more climate warriors like Naomi Klein. David Hirsch, Sydney Morning Herald.

11 November, 2016. Trump is a distraction from the real problem of global elites, says Naomi Klein. Nastasya Tay, SBS News.

11 November, 2016. Awards: Naomi Klein wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Becky Robertson, Quill & Quire.

10 November, 2016. Donald Trump isn’t the end of the world, but climate change may be. Naomi Klein, Sydney Morning Herald.

10 November, 2016. ABC TV The Drum with Julia Baird.

10 November, 2016. Naomi Klein to get Sydney Peace Prize. Times Colonist (Canada) and Northumberland News (Toronto, Canada).

10 November, 2016. Sydney Peace Prize Winner Naomi Klein spoke at Cabramatta High School. Frances Sacco, Daily Telegraph.

10 November, 2016. 3RRR Radio Melbourne: Naomi Klein on Breakfasters.

10 November, 2016. We need a moratorium on all coalmines: Naomi Klein in conversation – Behind the Lines podcast. The Guardian, Podcast of event “To Change Everything, We Need Everything” co-organised by the Sydney Peace Foundation and Sydney Environment Institute, Greenpeace Australia Pacific and ActionAid, and supported by the Edmund Rice Centre, 350.org and Seed.8 November, 2016. 774 ABC Radio Melbourne: Afternoons with Clare Bowditch

9 November, 2016. Voices to Change the Future. Frances Sacco, Fairfield Advance.

8 November, 2016. ABC Radio National: Late Night Live with Philip Adams.

8 November, 2016. ABC Radio 702: Afternoons with James Valentine

8 November, 2016. Naomi Klein attacks free-market philosophy in Q&A climate change debate – video. The Guardian.

8 November, 2016. Q&A: Naomi Klein criticises Institute of Public Affairs over climate interventions. Michael Slezak, The Guardian.

8 November, 2016. Q&A: Naomi Klein says Australia no better than ‘insane and racist’ Donald Trump. Georgina Mitchell, Sydney Morning Herald.

8 November, 2016. Naomi Klein asks ‘where the outrage is’ over 18C and the right of asylum seekers to be heard. ABC News.

8 November, 2016. Canadian activist slams Australian treatment of refugees as “insane and racist”. Women Weekly.

8 November, 2016. Naomi Klein likens Australia’s refugee treatment to Trump’s ‘insane’ wall. Elise Cooper, Mashable Australia.

8 November, 2016. Q&A: Australia ‘raising middle finger to the world’ on climate change, Naomi Klein says. Dan Smith for ABC News.

8 November, 2016. ‘You’re doing it, he’s just talking about it’: Canadian author slams Australia’s ‘insane and racist’ treatment of refugees and compares it to Donald Trump’s plan to build a Mexican wall. Rachel Eddie, Daily Mail Australia.

8 November, 2016. Australia’s asylum seeker detentions compared to Trump’s policies. 9 News.

8 November, 2016. Peace Prize winner Naomi Klein inspires students. Fairfield City Champion.

7 November, 2016. ‘You’re doing it. He’s just talking about it’ — Australia compared to Donald Trump for ‘insane’ policy. Andrew Koubaridis, News.com.au.

7 November, 2016. ABC Q&A with Naomi Klein, Anthony Albanese, James Paterson, Don Watson, Georgina Downer

7 November , 2016. ‘There Is Shame In All This’: Naomi Klein Voices Rage as Reef Disappears. Deidre Fulton, CommonDreams

7 November 2016. Naomi Klein: Climate change is intergenerational theft. That’s why my son is part of this story. Naomi Klein, The Guardian.

7 November 2016. Naomi Klein at the Great Barrier Reef: What have we left for our children? Naomi Klein, Josh Wall, David Hannan, The Guardian.

4 November, 2016. Can one person really make a difference? Beth Godwin, Fairfield City Champion.

The World According to Naomi Klein. Sophie Calagas, Frankie Magazine, issue 74.

25 June, 2016. Naomi Klein on the racism that underlies climate change inaction. The Saturday Paper. (online)

27 May, 2016. Naomi Klein explains how the rise of Trump and Sanders proves she was right all along. By Julian Morgans, Vice Australia. (online)

18 May, 2016. ABC 702 Breakfast with Robbie Buck. (radio)

18 May, 2016. Climate change believers can still be climate change deniers. ABC Triple j Hack (online)

17 May, 2016. Naomi Klein: Australia is the ‘outlier’ on tacking climate change. Radio National Drive (radio)

17 May, 2016, Naomi Klein calls out Australia’s climate change vacuum. The Fifth Estate (online)

16 May, 2016. For inspiring ‘A new agenda,’ Naomi Klein wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Independent Australia (online), Hard News (online), Common Dreams (online)

15 May, 2016. Naomi Klein Wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Obert Madondo, Canadian Progressive (online)

15 May, 2016. Naomi Klein criticises lack of global action on climate change after Sydney Peace Prize win. Paul Karp, The Guardian Australia (online)

14 May, 2016. Activist and Author Naomi Klein has won the 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Olivia Chang, Business Insider Australia (online), The Marshalltown (online)

14 May, 2016. Sydney Peace Prize awarded to Naomi Klein. Skynews (online)

14 May, 2016. Canadian author Naomi Klein takes out Sydney Peace Prize. Channel 9News (online)

14 May, 2016. Naomi Klein wins Sydney Peace Prize. Warren Barnsley, Yahoo!7News (online), SBS (online), Channel 9News (online)

14 May, 2016. Naomi Klein wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. The University of Sydney (online)

14 May, 2016. 2016 Naomi Klein to be awarded 2016 Sydney Peace Prize. Joesphine Tovey, Sydney Morning Herald (print and online)