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Nominations for 2013 Sydney Peace Prize

The Sydney Peace Prize Jury has put out a final call for nominations for the 2013 Sydney Peace Prize.

The Sydney Peace Foundation accepts nominations in writing or email. Nominations should be accompanied by a short statement explaining the merit of the nomination against the criteria for selection, together with as much relevant supporting material as possible.

The Sydney Peace Prize is awarded to an organization or an individual whose life and work has demonstrated significant contributions to:

  • The achievement of peace with justice locally, nationally or internationally
  • The promotion and attainment of human rights
  • The philosophy, language and practice of non violence

A purpose of the Sydney Peace Foundation is to promote a cosmopolitan view of peace with justice. For example, a Peace Prize nominee may be considered worthy because he or she has worked for human rights in relation to education, social welfare and health issues within their own community. They may have received little public recognition for such work.

We have not sought candidates with impeccable records, as efforts for peace and human rights are often controversial. Neither have we regarded a Peace Prize recipient as someone whose claims on a prize must be associated with a specific event, such as a ceasefire in hostilities or the signing of a peace treaty.

Nominations received by the end of July will considered for the award for 2013.

Please address nominations to:

The Director
The Sydney Peace Foundation
Mackie Building KO1
The University of Sydney, NSW, 2006

Email nominations to:

More details about the selection process are available here: