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Statement on Genocide Convention

Today the Sydney Peace Foundation joins with others in calling for the Australian Government to support the International Court of Justice process in investigating allegations of serious breaches of international law under the Genocide Convention by the State of Israel.

In October, Hamas committed a violent terrorist attack killing 1,200 people. 

Since that time, more than 23,000 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli Defence Force, including a devastating number of civilians, women and children.

Humanitarian aid is being blocked, and international media prevented from reporting.

These actions should be examined appropriately under international law, and there is an urgent need for provisional measures to halt the killing of innocent people. 

Concurrently, Hamas must also cease hostilities, return hostages and be held to account.

The initial application by South Africa under the Genocide Convention begins being heard tonight Australian time. As Professor Donald Rothwell at the Australian National University has noted, “any provisional measures ruling against Israel would require a radical modification of Israel’s military operations in Gaza”. As the death toll continues to climb, this must be the focus of Australia’s efforts.

Read South Africa’s full application here.