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Vale Gough Whitlam

Vale Gough Whitlam understood the meaning of peace with justice and moved to achieve it.

Tony Stephen’s obituary says much of it. Whitlam in 1975.

Here is a list of just some of the changes he introduced at breakneck speed in a couple of days that made so many of us proud to be Australian:

·        Withdrawal of troops from Vietnam and ending of conscription
·        National Health Insurance
·        Commonwealth Funding for University
·        The Land Rights Act
·        Racial Discrimination Act
·        Protected the Great Barrier Reef
·        The National Gallery of Australia
·        Diplomatic Relations with our feared neighbor, China
·        Fought for Equal Pay for Women
·        Advance Australia Fair instead of God Save the Queen
·        Reproductive Rights and removal of tax on contraceptives
·        Family Court of Australia
·        And so much more ….

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