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Vandana Shiva speaking in Surry Hills – Friday 20 Feb!

Dr Vandana Shiva, who received the 2010 Sydney Peace Prize, will be speaking in Sydney on the evening of Friday 20 February 2015.

Planet on Plate: Eating and Farming for Our Future



WHEN: Friday, 20 February 2015, 6 pm for 7 pm start. 6-7 pm: networking, 7 pm: Introduction by Joel Salatin and talk by Dr Vandana Shiva

WHERE: Teachers Federation (NSW) Conference Centre, 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
ENTRY FEE: $45 General Admission, $35 Concession.
AGAPE SNACK PACK: $12 – pre-order on TryBooking Vegetarian : Roast Pumpkin Frittata & Salad; Vegan Option: Salad of the Day

DR VANDANA SHIVA is a scientist, ecologist, author and winner of the Sydney Peace Prize. She also featured in the documentary “Dirt!”. In celebration of 2015, the Year of the Soil, Dr Vandana Shiva will give a talk on the importance of seed freedom and food democracy for the future of our food and land. Dr Shiva will also address the US human trials of GM banana. Watch Dr Vandana’ Shiva’s New Year message: “We are all seeds. In 2015, the Year of Soil, let us grow, together! Find out more about Dr Vandana Shiva at http://vandanashiva.comhttp://www.navdanya.org and http://seedfreedom.info.
JOEL SALATIN of Polyface Farms is an American organic farmer and author featured in the documentary “Food Inc”. Joel will give an introduction to Dr Shiva’s talk. Joel is in Australia to teach his one day workshops “You Can Farm” in Sydney on 21 February 2015 and Melbourne on 22 February 2015. Find out more about Joel Salatin at http://www.milkwood.net and http://www.polyfacefarms.com.
  1. Donate to the Steve Marsh Legal Fighting Fund to help Steve Marsh bring his appeal case in the Western Australian Supreme Court to stop Monsanto’s GM Canola.
  2. Sign the NO GMO Banana petition.
  3. Make new friends by signing up to the inspiring and informative MADGE talks on Food+Family+Health from 19-25 March 2015.
  4. Learn how to farm organically by signing up to Joel Salatin‘s one day workshops “You Can Farm” in Sydney on 21 February and Melbourne on 22 February 2015, hosted by Milkwood Permaculture

MORE INFO: Catriona Macmillan, 0402 404 361,