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Welcome to the Sydney Peace Foundation’s new blog!

As part of the Foundation’s goal to promote understanding of, and active participation in the promotion of peace with justice, our blog site will feature regular commentaries on news and current affairs with a particular emphasis on advancing social, economic, political and environmental justice.

We warmly encourage you to join in the discussion by posting comments, suggesting topics to cover, sharing links to outstanding journalism or submitting articles for publication. We particularly welcome a diversity of opinions, as one of the most effective ways to advance peace with justice is via the sharing of ideas and critical analyses.


The Sydney Peace Foundation  is a not-for-profit organisation which was created in 1998 as a partnership between business, media, public service, community and academic interests. The Foundation aims to promote peace with justice in Australia. Peace with justice relates to a way of thinking and acting which promotes non-violent solutions to everyday problems and contributes to the development of civil societies.