SPF in the Media


Selected list of publications by Foundation Council and Staff:

Bennett, Juliet and Ngarrindjeri being Heard, “An Experiment with Tourism: Educating for Social and Ecological Justice in Australia”, Envisioning Peace Tourism: Promoting Human Security Through International Citizenship, Sydney: Routledge, pp. 156-170.

Rees, Stuart, 9th Jan, ‘Boycotting Sri Lanka Is Not Cricket’, Online Opinion

Rees, Stuart, 12th Jan, ‘Gratitude to Wikileaks and to Julian Assange,’ British Journal of R Adidas Perspectives, Liverpool Univ, UK

Rees, Stuart, Feb 14th review of Denise Leith’s ‘What It Could Be’ for Allen & Unwin

Rees, Stuart, Feb 27th, ‘Gandhi Legacy, International Priorities’, published for opening of Non violence Centre, NSW Parliament

Rees, Stuart, March 6th, ‘The Vision of Stéphane Hessel,’ New Matilda

Rees, Stuart, April 17th, ‘Culture of Compliance: Refusing the Dalai Lama’, ABC’s 7:30 Report (TV segment and transcript)

Rees, Stuart, May 21st, ‘Cruel Game Behind Politicians’ Rush to Condemn Anti Semitism,’ The Australian

Rees, Stuart, July 7th, ‘What we can learn from refugees in this election’, ABC’s The Drum

Rees, Stuart, July 8th, ‘The Carpet Baggers of Burma’, New Matilda

Rees, Stuart, July 29th, ‘Honouring Japanese leaders of Non violence: Makiguchi, Toda, Ikeda,’ in Tokyo’s Seiko Shimbun

Rees, Stuart, Sept 9th, ‘Absurdity of Naval Celebrations: No End to Militarism,’ broadcast ABC’s Radio National

Hirsch, David, “Medical Inspiration”, Medical Journal of Australia, 28 October 2013.

Rees, Stuart, October 30th, ‘Two Thousand Defendants for Human Rights’, New Matilda

Rees, Stuart, Nov 13th ‘Afghanistan, Peace with Justice Issues’ Bamiyan, Afghan Support, Sydney

Rees, Stuart, Nov 25th, ‘Truth, Justice, Peace: the moral and legal foundations of the BDS Movement,’ ABC Journal of Religion &- Ethics

Rees, Stuart, December 6th, ‘The Prisoner Who Freed A Nation’, a tribute to Nelson Mandela, New Matilda

Videos of events on ABC Big Ideas:

April 24th, ‘Dialogue with Arab Women’ televised on ABC’s Big Ideas

Sept 23rd, ‘Ethics for a Whole World”: Andrew West in Conversation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama ABC’s Big Ideas

Oct 14th, Professor Richard Falk, ‘The Palestinian Struggle for Self Determination and the Ordeal of Occupation,’ ABC’s Big Ideas

2014, Dr Cynthia Maung, ‘Health, Healing and Dignity for the Dispossessed’, ABC’s Big Ideas

Publications surrounding the Foundation’s advocacy work, in date order:

Intellectual Freedom Under Threat at Sydney, New Matilda 18/4

Sydney University Buckles to Chinese Pressure, The Guardian 18/4

Australia University Accused of Bowing to China by Barring Dalai Lama, Reuters 18/4

Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune, Vex News 18/4

Sydney University Condemned for Banning Dalai Lama, Indymedia.org 18/4

The University of Sydney Calls Off Dalai Lama Speech, phayul.com 18/4

Don’t Be Afraid to Tax and Spend, Honi Soit 25/4

Dalai Lama to Speak at the University of Sydney, NY Times 29/4

Dalai Lama to Speak at University After All, Radio Free Asia 29/4

Chinese Whispers the Dalai Lama and Sydney University, Honi Soit 31/4

Fight for Academic Freedom Continues, Megaphone Oz 11/5

Uni Gets a Lesson on Vested Interests, New Matilda 24/5

University Backflips on Dalai Lama Visit, Honi Soit 2/5

Inside Job: Bejings New Allies in its War on Tibet, Huffington Post 30/5

Photogallery of Mae Tao Clinic taken by Fairfax photographer Brendan Esposito, 16 August 2013, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, WA Today, and The Canberra Times.

‘A moment with Dr Cynthia Maung’, 16th of August 2013, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Brisbane Times, and WA Today.

“Fragile Sanctuary”, Sharon Bradley, Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend, 17 August 2013. Also published in the The Age, The Canberra Times,The Brisbane Times, WA Today, The Examiner, The Scone Advocate, The Illawara Mercury and The Maitland Mercury.

“Peace Prize winner fights for survival of her health clinic”, Sharon Bradley in the Sydney Morning Herald, 17 August 2013. Also published in The Age, The Canberra Times, WA Today, The Scone Advocate and The Examiner.

“Humanitarian Doctor to Receive 2013 Sydney Peace Prize”, New Zealand’s independent news website Scoop, 17 August 2013.

Dr Cynthia Maung: How foreign donors can help bring peace to Burma, Eliza Villarino, Devex, 29 August 2013

Thompson, Belinda, “Burmese refugees the forgotten victims of AusAID cuts”, Crikey, 24 October 2013

“AusAid cuts hurt Burmese refugees“,Interview with Belinda Thompson, produced by Bridget Backhaus, The Wire (radio) 25 October 2013. Audio file.

Interview with Stuart Rees on SBS Radio Burmese, produced by Terrell Oung, 2 November 2013.

“Aid cuts may weaken Myanmar refugee clinic“, Ron Corben, AAP, 3 November 2013, news.com.au, The Australian, The Herald Sun, The Townsville Bulletin, The Mercury, The Geelong Advertiser.

Burma still fragile: Peace Prize winner” by APP, 4 November 2013, news.com.au, SBS news,The Australian, The Herald Sun, The Gold Coast Bulletin,The Townsville Bulletin, The Mercury, and The Geelong Advertiser.

”Burmese doctor wins Sydney Peace Prize“, a radio conversation with Phillip Adams and Jane Singleton, Late Night Live, Radio National, 4 November 2013.

“Karen refugee clinic pioneer wins Sydney Peace Prize“, a radio interview with Sen Lam, Asia-Pacific, Radio Australia, 5 November 2013

“Myanmar refugee doctor wins Sydney Peace Prize“, on ABC Australian Network News and 936 ABC Hobart News, 5 November 2013

“After Ausaid cuts, award-winning clinic for Myanmar in dire straits”, Lean Alfred Santos, Devex, 5 November 2013.

“Peace Prize Recipient Honoured for Burma Border Clinic – Australia Cuts Her Funding”, Henry Zwartz, Karennews.org, 6 November 2013.

“Australia Govt Cuts Dr Cynthia’s Funding” on Karennews.org.

“Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi, Cynthia Maung to receive honorary degrees in Sydney“, Susan Banki, published on 7 November 2013 in The Sydney Morning HeraldThe AgeThe Canberra TimesThe Brisbane Times and WA Today.

“Dr Cynthia in ‘shock and pain’ after losing Australian funding” on The Democratic Voice of Burma, published on 7 November 2013

“Foreign policy cuts funding for AusAID-funded refugee clinic”, Carlos Santamaria, Devex, 7 November 2013.

“Cynthia Maung: Sydney Peace Prize Winner“, a radio conversation with Ron Sutton, SBS World News Australia Radio, 8 November 2013. Podcast here.

“Burma’s famous ‘refugee’ doctor wins Sydney Peace Prize” in The University of Sydney News, 8 November 2013

Burma’s ‘Refugee’ Doctor Wins Sydney Peace Prize’, Asian Scientist, 13 November 2013

A Healthcare Heroine”, Website of Crawford School of Public Policy at the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific, 21 November 2013.



NOVEMBER 2012 – Senator Sekai Holland is awarded the Sydney Peace Prize

Sydney Peace Prize Lecture, ABC Big Ideas, 26th November 2012 (full lecture available here)

Sydney Peace Prize on Channel 10’s The Project, 8th November 2012. (Click on the link and then look for the clip dated Thursday 8th November 2012.)

Peace prize winner condemns NSW Taser use, 8th November 2012, Tahmina Ansari for ABC News, & Yahoo 7 News

Sekai Holland to receive Sydney Peace Prize 2012, 7th November 2012, ABC 702 (radio interview with Linda Mottram)

Sekai Holland: a model for non-violent change  World News Australia Radio, SBS, 4 November 2012 (radio)

Survivor on a mission of peace, Sydney Morning Herald – News Review, Deborah Snow, 

OCTOBER 2012 – Senator Sekai Holland in Sydney

Sekai Holland’s Australian story, ABC’s The Drum, 30 October 2012 (online article by Dr Meredith Burgmann)

Forgiveness and Reconciliation, ABC’s Q&A, 29 October 2012 (55 min video – panel discussion)

Zimbabwe’s Sekai Holland shares vision for peace, SBS World News, 29 October 2012 (video 8min)

Our Torture was a Victory, Sydney Morning Herald – Good Weekend, 6 October 2012 (newspaper article by Nikki Barrowclough)

Sekai’s JourneySBS Dateline, 2 October 2012 (video 13 min with Yaara Bou Melhem)

MAY 2012 – Senator Sekai Holland Announced as 2012 Sydney Peace Prize Recipient

Lessons from Zimbabwe’s great healer, ABC’s The Drum, 25th May 2012

Sekai Holland wins Sydney Peace Prize, World News Australia, 4 May 2012

Sydney Peace Prize: Sekai Holland, Radio National Breakfast, 1 May 2012

‘A Time of Heroes’, The Global Mail, 1 May 2012

‘Distinguished graduate wins 2012 Sydney Peace Prize’, UTS: NEWSROOM, 3 May 2012

Raising issues of Peace with Justice in the Media

Govt must do more for Assange: Greens, SBS, 17 Aug 2012

 Julian Assange: the freedom of free speech, Online Opinion, 7 June 2012


Raising Peace with Justice in the Media

‘The Language of Derision: Targeting Noam Chomsky’, ABC The Drum, August 3rd 2011

‘The Debasement of Public Debate’, Online Opinion, August 24th, 2011

‘Justice for Bradley Manning’, Australia Online, July 21st, 2011

‘Noam Chomsky- A Brilliant Peace Prize Choice’, ABC The Drum, June 6th, 2011

‘We stood up for Hicks because Australia failed to when it mattered’
Mary Kostakidis, Sydney Morning Herald Opinion, May 25, 2011: Full text here
Mary Kostakidis is a journalist and member of the advisory panel to the Sydney Peace Foundation.

‘Gold Medal for Assange: A Rationale’, The Conversation, May 18th

‘Vengeances is Never Sweet: the Assassination of Bin Laden’, New Matilda, May 5th 2011

‘Muhammad Yunus: Empowering the Poor’, The Conversation, April 15th 2011

‘More Mendacity from Mendes: Israel Palestine Conflict’, Gallus Australia, March 27th 2011

‘The Company of Whistleblowers’, New Matilda, February 10th 2011

JUNE 2011 – Professor Noam Chomsky Announced as 2011 Sydney Peace Prize Recipient

‘Ideologue on a peace pedestal’, Stephen Matchett, The Australian, June 03, 2011: Full text here

Renowned journalist Adam Spencer, host of Breakfast ABC 702, speaks in depth with Professor Noam Chomsky. June 2, 2011: Full audio here

‘Controversy dogs Chomsky as he accepts Sydney Peace Prize’, John Huxley, Sydney Morning Herald, June 2, 2011: Full text here

Noam Chomsky Wins Sydney Peace Prize’, ABC News Online, June 2, 2011: Full text here

‘Chomsky Wins Sydney Peace Prize’, SBS Online News, June 2, 2011: Full text here

MAY 2011 – The Sydney Peace Foundation’s Gold Medal Award to Julian Assange was covered by:

Plus innumerable community publications, blogs and tweets.

International coverage included
The USA, the UK, India, Malaysia, Canada


Sydney Peace Prize winner Dr Shiva joins Lateline (video)