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A Moment to Change the World: The Sydney Peace Prize Story

Human rights are for everyone, equally, universally, and forever. Unfortunately in today’s world, many people are denied a life in dignity. The challenges to peace and justice are daunting, but now is not the time to falter.

2017 will mark the awarding of the 20th Sydney Peace Prize. In celebration of this milestone, the Sydney Peace Foundation’s supporters and Prize recipients have come together to help tell the story of the Sydney Peace Prize.

In our new video “A Moment to Change the World: The Sydney Peace Prize Story,” members from the peace community discuss the importance of peace with justice, nonviolence, and respect for human rights in today’s challenging climate. Featuring contributions from the Foundation’s Founder Stuart Rees, Director Lisa Fennis, Chair David Hirsch, Sydney Peace Prize recipients Naomi Klein, Julian Burnside AO QC, and Senator Patrick Dodson, Missy Higgins, Australian Human Rights Commission President Professor Gillian Triggs, Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore, and students from Cabramatta High School, this video conveys the power of the Sydney Peace Prize to amplify messages of inspiring peace leaders and unify our diverse communities¬†in the pursuit of peace with justice.

Let’s come together, let’s take a stand against intolerance, hatred, and fear mongering. Let’s celebrate our shared values, and our common humanity.

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