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Announcement: Introducing exciting new appointments to the Foundation’s Council

The Sydney Peace Foundation enjoys the support of qualified professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help us support global leaders for peace and justice. We are very pleased to announce that three new appointments to our Executive Council were made in the past few months.

First and foremost, we wholeheartedly thank Mr David HirschProfessor Jake Lynch and the Hon. Dr Meredith Burgmann for their time and dedication during their terms, and are grateful for their continued enthusiasm and involvement from the sidelines. Their wisdom and support have been invaluable. We particularly thank David Hirsch for his tireless leadership and commitment during his time as Chair of the Sydney Peace Foundation.

We welcome Mr Archie Law, Dr Susan Banki and Mr Tim Ayres as new Council Members. We are thrilled that they have volunteered to share their skills and expertise with us in the coming years. They each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Sydney Peace Foundation.

Archie Law was appointed as Chair of the Foundation:

I am humbled, honoured and excited by the opportunity to Chair the Sydney Peace Foundation Council. The work of the Foundation, and particularly the Sydney Peace Prize, highlights the pursuit of love, hope and joy that we are all searching for in this world. It is an integral part of the social fabric of this city and this country

Archie Law

Dr Linda O’Brien AM will continue as Deputy Chair, and Mr Errol Sullivan, who renewed his commitment to the Foundation for a second term, will continue his appointment as Treasurer.


Introducing Archie Law, Susan Banki and Tim Ayres

Archie Law, the Foundation’s new Chair has previously worked in conflict affect environments throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. He served as Executive Director of ActionAid, worked for UNDP in South Africa and the UN’s Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York, and served as a member of the UN team that developed the contingency plan for an emergency response to the conflict in Iraq in 2002-2003. He also spent four years heading up the Mine Advisory Group’s 500-person Cambodia Program.


Susan Banki is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. Her passionate and engaged teaching has been recognised nationally, and her research interests lie in the political, institutional, and legal contexts that explain the roots of and solutions to international human rights violations. Susan’s teaching interests include: forced displacement and international migration; refugee resettlement; transnational social movements; human rights at the United Nations; and humanitarian assistance.


Tim Ayres is the NSW Secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union, Australia’s principal manufacturing and engineering union. Tim is a high profile contributor to public policy debates, most frequently on Industrial Relations and economic policy, and his views have appeared in radio, television, newspaper and online journals. Tim has been active in various community, political and union campaigns, including on the organising committee of the key Sydney rallies against the Iraq War. Tim is a member of the ALP National Executive.