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Joseph Stiglitz on inequality and the hurdles to great economic policy

2018 Sydney Peace Prize recipient Professor Joseph Stiglitz joined GetUp!’s Future To Fight For podcast for a chat about inequality, globalisation, and some of the myths that hold us back from great economic policy.


I am pleased that the issue of inequality has reached the top of the agenda. Finally the issue of social justice and the issue of economic justice is firmly on the agenda. This is not radical, this is just common sense.


Tax cuts are a race to the bottom. Public investments are at the core of a successful society and you have to have taxes to finance these. Tax cuts are the wrong way to get robust growth to the economy.


The level of engagement of our young people gives me hope. They don’t find anything radical. All over the world there is broader civic engagement, and it’s happening at all different levels. It seems to be a moment of awakening.