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Nous Sommes Charlie

Nous Sommes Charlie

We are seeing the killers

whose balaclava eyes

stared like bad breath

shared with collaborators,

each masturbating anger

sufficient only to hear  

the notes of their Kalashnikovs

which they played

in defence of their deities,

their dogma and themselves.


We are mourning cartoonists

murdered for laughter,

their freedom stifled

on the steps of satire,

their drawings extravagant

with messages rude enough

to craft memorials

in honour of the indispensable

value of undressing

the pompous and the powerful.


In response to the murder of staff and a defending Muslim policeman in the Paris office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on 8th January, a poem by Professpr Stuart Rees. Hyams Beach January 11th 2015.

More information about the poetry for peace of Stuart Rees, founder of the Sydney Peace Foundation, can be found here: https://sydneypeacefoundation.org.au/resources/peace-and-poetry/