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Sydney Peace Prize

Australia's International Prize for Peace

Every day, remarkable people around the world stand up to prove that peace is possible. When we celebrate and support solutions that demand justice for everyone, encourage empathy, and advocate nonviolence, we can set a new agenda.

Some Sydney Peace Prize recipients help families overcome poverty, courageously champion the rights of Indigenous peoples, or fight racial oppression. Others reconcile people and nations, take on the powers that destroy the earth we all depend on, or promote nonviolence and demand aggressors put down their weapons.

Sydney Peace Prize recipients are some of the world’s most effective peacemakers. They champion solutions to the most urgent global challenges and inspire us to be the change we want to see. The Prize brings the community together to recognise these extraordinary achievements. It starts vital public debate and creates a platform to ensure their voices are heard.

By sharing their remarkable stories of vision and courage, the Sydney Peace Prize reminds us that a peaceful, equitable and just world is possible.

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