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SPF Press Releases

14 September 2017: Australia’s response to the Rohingya Crisis embarrassingly inadequate 


16 May, 2016, 2016 Sydney Peace Prize Winner Naomi Klein: “Lack of Political Leadership on Climate Change in Australia”

14 May, 2016, Naomi Klein Wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize


17 September 2013: UN’s Richard Falk to speak on the Palestinian Struggle
Richard Falk

17 August 2013: Announcing the 2013 Sydney Peace Prize recipient
Dr Cynthia Maung

4 May 2013: Reimpose Sanctions, says Peace Foundation.
Reimpose Sanctions

6 April 2013: Time for Outrage, Time for Celebration’: Honouring the life of Stéphane Hessel.
Stephane Hessel

5 February 2013: “Gaza: Cruelty, Invisibility, Indifference?”. 
Politics in the Pub

17 August 2012: The Sydney Peace Foundation thanks the government of Ecuador for giving asylum to Julian Assange.
Brave and Principled Ecuador

25 July 2012: Morgan Tsvangirai a “hero”, Sekai Holland a “heroine” : optimism about Zimbabwe

1 June 2012: Call to review “Stronger Futures” legislation Call to review “Stronger Futures” legislation

30 April 2012: Courageous Zimbabwean politician wins 2012 Sydney Peace Prize
Senator SEKAI HOLLAND Co Minister for Reconciliation, Healing and Integration announced as recipient of 2012 Sydney Peace Prize

13 November 2011: Australia need not be a ‘Frightened Country’
Security through dialogue with China not by threat of US force

21 September 2011: Policies for Peace, Not Preparations for War
Policies for Peace Not Preparations for War

1 September 2011: For this Sydney Model, “Peace is the New Black”
For this Sydney Model Peace is the New Black

1 June 2011: Noam Chomsky Announced as 2011 Sydney Peace Prize Recipient
CHOMSKY Receives 2011 Sydney Peace Prize

10 May 2011: Julian Assange Receives Gold Medal for Human Rights
Julian Assange Receives Gold Medal for Human Rights

10 March 2011: Australians  To Rally In Support of WikiLeaks
Australians Rally In Support of WikiLeaks