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A Climate of Peace

A Climate of Peace: Steve Killelea

In today’s fascinating episode of A Climate of Peace, we’re joined by Steve Killelea who is founder and Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics & Peace(IEP).The IEP is best known for the Global Peace Index, which is the world’s leading measure

A Climate of Peace: Christiana Figueres

Welcome back for our final episode of A Climate of Peace. For today’s last episode, we’re joined by Christiana Figueres, one of the world’s top negotiators who brought the world to the table to sign the Paris Agreement and recipient

A Climate of Peace: Shadow Treasurer, Jim Chalmers

Welcome back to A Climate of Peace, our interview series featuring conversations with leading thinkers and changemakers about the link between climate action, peace and justice. In today’s episode, Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers MP joins us to talk about the

A Climate of Peace: David Leser

We sat down with journalist and author David Leser. A former Middle East and North American correspondent, David has been a journalist for 40 years and become widely known in Australia for his in-depth profiles and stories on social and

A Climate of Peace: Greg Mullins

Greg Mullins is a Climate Councillor, member of the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action and Former NSW Fire and Rescue Commissioner. He has decades of frontline experience and has witnessed firsthand how climate change has exacerbated fire conditions in Australia and lengthened