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Media Release: Reimpose Sanctions, Says Peace Foundation

The Australian government should consider re-imposing sanctions on Myanmar, according to the Sydney Peace Foundation (SPF). A new report from the US-based Human Rights Watch has shown how the central Thein Sein government is complicit in appalling human rights abuses in

Sneak Peak: Photos of 2012 Sydney Peace Prize Events

  A big thank you to our photographer Gobie Rajalingam, who graduated from his Master of Peace and Conflict Studies  at the University of Sydney in 2009. Since then, he worked as Program Coordinator at Pacific Friends of the Global Fund

SBS’ Dateline: Sekai Holland’s Journey

The Sydney Peace Foundation is extremely proud to announce that this coming Tuesday, 2nd October, SBS's Dateline will feature the incredible and inspiring story of the 2012 Sydney Peace Prize Recipient, Zimbabwean Senator Sekai Holland. In May 2012, Dateline's Walkley award-winning journalist,


The tragedy of courageous Australian soldiers being murdered by  Afghan 'allies' demonstrates not only the futility of war but also the absurdity of politicians repeating cliches about 'staying the course', and ' completing our mission'. The media participates in this

About-face on Hicks a victory for the bullied

by Mary Kostakidis So the Australian government has shot itself in the foot while aiming at David Hicks. It would be funny if it weren't so appalling. The withdrawal of the dubious literary proceeds of crime action against Hicks raises questions the

Optimism about Zimbabwe as Gillard asks DFAT to lift sanctions

Morgan Tsvangirai a “hero”, Sekai Holland a “heroine”: optimism about Zimbabwe   Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s support for Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, and Mr Tsvangiriai’s unwavering commitment to reconciliation for his people are optimistic signs for the future Zimbabwe.

Nominations for 2013 Sydney Peace Prize

The Sydney Peace Prize Jury has put out a final call for nominations for the 2013 Sydney Peace Prize. The Sydney Peace Foundation accepts nominations in writing or email. Nominations should be accompanied by a short statement explaining the merit of

Peace Journalism In Mexico

Jake Lynch recently travelled to Mexico to make a documentary about how the country's big media outlets report conflict. Watch the film and read about Mexico's unique media landscape, here. Imagine democracy being suborned by a corporate takeover, with a business-friendly political