Awarding Australia’s international prize for peace

1c789c8e-539f-41f7-a800-4e979a79ebc5“Conversations in Peace” – be inspired by the world’s leading voices on peace, justice and nonviolence

This volume includes the groundbreaking Lectures of the first 14 recipients of the Sydney Peace Prize (1998-2011), including Nobel Laureates Muhammad Yunus and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former leader of Amnesty International Irene Khan, the Indian novelist Arundhati Roy, environmental scientist Dr. Vandana Shiva, indigenous leader Patrick Dodson, and the inimitable academic activist Professor Noam Chomsky.

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Peace with Justice

We advocate for peace with justice - recognising that to achieve true and lasting peace, we must, beyond ending war and violent conflict, address deep injustices and structural inequality.

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Why a “Sydney Peace Prize”?

By awarding an international prize for peace, Sydney recognises leading peace makers, celebrates their inspiring achievements and learns about peace, justice and nonviolence.

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‘We are all entrepreneurs’: Muhammad Yunus on changing the world, one microloan at a time

This week Professor Muhammad Yunus visits Australia. Professor Yunus received the first-ever Sydney Peace Prize in 1998, eight years before winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Events and lectures are sold out, but Professor Yunus will appear on ABC Q&A on Monday 3 April. Tune in at 9.35pm AEST, or watch via ABC iview.  This article, written by […]

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Professor Muhammad Yunus to deliver public lecture at UNSW on 4 April

Don’t miss it – on April 4th, our inaugural Sydney Peace Prize recipient Professor Muhammad Yunus will be delivering a public lecture in Sydney! Professor Yunus is the father of both social business and microcredit, and is the Founder of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. Details on how you can reserve your (very limited) spot […]

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Julian Burnside AO QC on the US Immigration Ban and the Refugee Deal

In the wake of President Trump’s travel ban, and the subsequent uncertainty surrounding Australia’s refugee deal with the US, 2014 Sydney Peace Prize recipient Julian Burnside joined Radio Adelaide to weigh in on the rise of nationalism and the growing apathy towards human rights. “Little by little the idea of human rights has become less […]

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Noam Chomsky on Donald Trump’s administration: how we got here, and why he is concerned

2011 Sydney Peace Prize recipient Professor Noam Chomsky has been incredibly vocal about the dangers posed by a Trump presidency, well before the primaries and certainly after the inauguration. The below two interviews illustrate Chomsky’s view on how the United States’ unique form of democracy gave rise to Trump, and why he has serious concerns about President […]

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