Banners2014 Sydney Peace Prize

awarded to: David Roberts

Julian Burnside AO QC

Australian barrister, human rights activist and author

Wednesday 5 November, Sydney Town Hall

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Peace with Justice

Peace with justice is a way of thinking and acting which promotes nonviolent solutions to everyday problems and thereby contributes to a civil society

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2014 Sydney Peace Prize

The awarding of a prize for peace is a celebration of inspiring people and their achievements. The 2014 Sydney Peace Prize will be awarded to Julian Burnside AO QC on 5 November 2014 at Sydney Town Hall. Tickets for the 2014 Sydney Peace Prize are now on sale!

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Vandana Shiva speaking in Surry Hills – Friday 20 Feb!

Planet on Plate: Eating and Farming for Our Future INTRODUCTION BY JOEL SALATIN WHEN: Friday, 20 February 2015, 6 pm for 7 pm start. 6-7 pm: networking, 7 pm: Introduction by Joel Salatin and talk by Dr Vandana Shiva WHERE: Teachers Federation (NSW) Conference Centre, 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 ENTRY FEE: $45 General Admission, $35 Concession. AGAPE […]

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Seeds of Peace

by Dr. Vandana Shiva, recipient of the 2010 Sydney Peace Prize  We live in times whose signature is violence –  from the killing of 134 innocent children in Peshawar to the massacres of 2000 by Boko Haram in Nigeria and the 17 in Paris just in the last month. We must condemn this violence. But […]

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Nous sommes tous Charlie: the value of satire

In the wake of the murders of staff from the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, it’s imperative to re-assert the indispensable function of a humour which contributes so much to civility in societies. Sydney Morning Herald cartoonist Sally Wilcox made the same point when she wrote, ‘I believe satire is where sanity is found.’ Over […]

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Nous Sommes Charlie

In response to the murder of staff and a defending Muslim policeman in the Paris office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on 8th January, a poem by Stuart Rees: Nous Sommes Charlie We are seeing the killers whose balaclava eyes stared like bad breath shared with collaborators, each masturbating anger sufficient only to hear   the notes of their Kalashnikovs which they […]

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World Peace Flame presented to Sydney Peace Foundation

The World Peace Flame is a symbol of peace, unity, freedom and celebration. The World Peace Flame Initiative aims to inspire people everywhere that the individual plays a crucial role in creating peace at every level.Their dream is as simple as it is ambitious: to light an eternally burning World Peace Flame in every major […]

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