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2019 The Me Too movement

Every human being has the right to walk through this life with their full humanity in tact. Part of the work of the Me Too movement is the restoration of that humanity.

2018 Professor Joseph Stiglitz

Inequality is created. We know the economic and social policies with which we can build a better world. The challenge today is our politics.

2017 Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is our call to action. It is a tool to reimagine a world where Black people are free to exist, free to live, and a tool for our allies to show up for us.

2016 Naomi Klein

What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’re ever going to get to build a better world?

2015 Dr George Gittoes AM

I’d rather send an army of musicians, artists, painters and communicators, than battalions of soldiers with their guns

2013 Dr Cynthia Maung

For communities to start to heal and move towards peace after decades of conflict and oppression, civil society must be strong

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